The Growing Gama Lifestyle

To most people, the workplace is a very serious place. At Gamania, Gamanians are 100% serious when they work but they also manage to retain their own distinctive character in order to work and play at their own pace. “Love to Play” is in the Gamanian DNA. The boundless energies that sustain this philosophy well from a willingness to explore and a zest for life. 

Gamanians’ Hidden Talents

An engineer who becomes a guitar teacher after work; a strait-laced legal affairs person who is a street dancing enthusiast; the figure-collecting otaku who loves the great outdoors… Gamanians talents are more than they seem. In addition to being experts at their jobs, they also throw themselves enthusiastically into learning new things outside of work. Some people even joke about work being a distraction! Being curious and enthusiastic about everything is a trait common to all Gamanians. Having a “side-job” is not only good for the body and mind, it also increases the flexibility and creativity of Gamanians. It is this clash of diversity between people that gives Gamania its exciting variety today. 

How do you judge someone by their appearance? You can never tell what hidden talents a Gamanian might have, but you can sense their love for exploration and freedom. Despite being busy at work, Gamanians still manage to do things at their own pace and take all challenges in their own way. 

▲Justin Wei is just as much at ease as a legal specialist solving disputes as he is dancing the night away as a hip hop dancer.

Justin said he chose to work at Gamania because of the environment here. The gym and various different activities at Gamania showed him that Gamanians really value quality of life. After joining the company, he became part of the dance club and met many others who shared his passion for dance. He was thrilled to continue an interest he pursued during his time as a student. According to him, “It is truly rare to find a job which balances development of both left and right hemispheres in the brain!” In fact, the dance club is not the only popular activity. Many people learn new skills through Gamanian clubs like yoga, tabletop gaming, flower arrangement and more. Some have even joined more clubs than they ever did in university!

▲ Gamanians concentrating during their ukulele class.

Feel the Culture – the Lifestyle at Gamania

How do all these unique Gamanians live inside Gamania? Gamania is a place with culture and you can see the thought that went into every little detail. The design of Gama Island for example is based on supplying food for the stomach, mind and soul. Every conference room has its own name and the office spaces are tailored to their particular roles. Albert once said, “Every company should have its own unique spirit.” The cultural atmosphere that pervades Gamania is impossible for other companies to imitate. It is a very organic and friendly creative environment where Gamanians can be themselves and explore all kinds of possibilities. 

▲ Gamania is a very tolerant place where anything can happen

Lifestyle is an attitude to life shaped by different influences. Gamania feels that a business should have its own culture and character so an internal-external communication is fostered through a variety of methods including spaces, publications, exhibitions, events and festivals. The inclusion and interpretation of each Gamanian all come together to create Gamania’s unique culture. 

▲Gaming is an important part of our DNA. We use noughts and crosses to appeal to the playful side of our visitors! 

▲ Check out the exhibitions at SPACE 17 to see what’s new at Gamania

Gamania Reborn! From Games to Lifestyle

Gamania began as a gaming company and has continued to grow despite the ups and downs of the market. Be it single-player PC games in the early years, the rise of online games to innovative services based on game credits, Gamania has always managed to find its own way and revolutionize the market time and time again. Being explorers and challengers by nature however means we are not content to rest on our laurels. As new technologies make their presence felt, even more diverse and interesting opportunities are now waiting for us to explore. Gamania will not only continue to shine in the gaming world but also extend our reach into our observations and attitudes on lifestyle. We will bring our Gamanian lifestyle to the whole world! 

Gamania is entering the lifestyle field to convey our zest for life to the whole world! 

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