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The “It” Field in Design: User Experience

What is User Experience?    We often here friends saying, “This thing is rad!” or “Feeling awesome!” to describe their positive feelings after experiencing something.

UI, what does it have to do with me?

In the information era of high mobility, people demand not only convenience of information accessibility but also its availability, for example, you may download any

GDC 2011— Observation and Sharing

This year’s Game Developer Conference (GCD) was held in San Francisco Moscone Center from end of February to early March 2011. UI Design Center was

The Must-Know Universal Design

    A good design will enable people to have a better quality life! Taipei World Design Expo 2011 was held inside the Nangang Exhibition Hall.

Design Principles for Smart Phone UI

Mobile phone makers are increasingly focusing on hardware upgrades rather than functionality. In the rush to introduce faster processors and add more Flash memory, they

Exploring the Player’s Mind- Psychophysiology

Introduction   Game companies have always focused considerable effort on interpreting players’ feelings and thoughts regarding their games. Current solutions mostly consist of quantifiable market