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Summer is upon the doorstep, it is the time of the year where everyone ‘reveals’ himself/herself. Your ‘flab’ may shy you away from putting on short skirts or tank tops. In order to lose the fat, GTW-CS initiated ‘Health Battle: Move your body’ contest in April. The contest not only embodies the ‘family’ value and love your work spirit, but enhances body condition, figure shaping and team work.  

The contestwas divided into three categories: fitness cycle relay, point-accumulation and ultimate challenge with the ‘devils’.  

Fitness cycle relay took the form of group competition. The team that manages to cycle the most kilometers in 3 minutes wins. If team members wear special costumes, a bonus 0.5 km will be added to total kilometer amount.  

In Point-accumulation, 4 groups formed by GTW-CS colleagues competed against one another. Competing items included, table tennis, foosball, pool, basketball machine, running machine, Wii and Kinect etc. The team would need to send out representatives to attend each item. The winner of each item would be rewarded with special winning token and bring back glory and points for the team. The team with the highest accumulated amount wins the champion title for this year and can bring home the trophy and cash prize.  

Lastly, the leading team will enter the Ultimate Challenge with the ‘Devils’. The member of ‘devils’ consist of section manager of GTW-CS, three managers and three supervisors. Competing items range from table tennis, foosball (duo), pool, basketball machine, Wii to Kinect. Both parties will carry grave pressure to win the game, it was a battle of life and death. The champion team will gamble their all with the ‘devils’, if the leading team loses, they will suffer the ‘Fatty-Fat’ punishment, however, if the leading team wins, they will be rewarded with bonus gifts from the ‘devils’.  

Introducing the ‘Devils’

Section Chief of GTW-CS, Paul Hung GTW-CS-Paul Hung
Dept. Manager of Education & Administration, GTW-CS, Grace Lin GTW-CS-Grace Lin
Dept. Manager of Game Service, GTW-CS, Santana Lin GTW-CS-Santana Lin
Dept. Manager of Customer Service, GTW-CS, Calvin Yu GTW-CS-Calvin Yu

The champion and runner-up will receive a trophy respectively, and the elites will be rewarded with an honorary badge.   How exactly did they plan the campaign and how is the contest going as we speak? Let’s take a look at some of the highlights!   

▲The event planning team worked day and night in hopes of presenting the best of the best for everyone. They created over 50 sporty looks for these ‘cute’ version of figurines based on colleages in GTW-CS.

▲The ‘hidden’ version of figurines, Summer Yu and Vincent Chuang, and their corresonding ‘cute’ version figurings. The level of details makes one marvels, “So impressive!”

▲The event planning team worked their best to perfect everything. The office of GTW-CS was filled with campaign flags, one can easily feel the vigorous anticipation.   

▲The point-accumulation and contst tables were posted on the wall of the office, everyone could check their points at any time. This really fires up people’s drive to win the battle. 

So, aren’t you impressed with what they’ve done? Let’s take a look at the 1st and 2nd round of the contest! Release the killer moves!

▲KINECT: KINECT dance competition, everyone pulled out their best moves. Look at them, so rhymetic! 

▲Pool: posture: 100%, accuracy: 100%

Table tennis: people were discussing strategy, which was….give me the ball.    Let’s take a look at these video clips to feel the joy of exercise !  

It’s Friday, even monkey loves dancing

If you give it 100%, anyone could be Linsanity

Table tennis—I am shocked    

For the honor, I step onto that killer running machine    

Pool masters fumble bungle    

Mad car race

Don’t upset women    

The event wouldn’t be complete without these people’s planning and the coordination from GTW-CS. Let’s thank these hidden heros.

Chief planner: Chao Feng

Chief designer: Ron Yu

Chief photographer: Jianan Lin

Backstage staff: Amber Lee, Gracy Chou, Emily Huang, Daphne Lu, Ruby Yao, Keen Hsu, Leo Tu

Campaign consultants: Wei Chang, Jack Huang

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