The Most Fashionable Acessory for 2020 GAMA DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL – Q Brick Fragrant Sachet

May 5 Dragon Boat Festival is the holiday on which we conduct customs to pursue good fortune and drive away back luck. In the past, the Taiwanese people place calamus, wormwood and ficus branches at their front door, drink noon water, and wear fragrant sachets, hoping to bring a peaceful year of good luck.

This summer was not so peaceful, and the considerate Q Brick has incarnated in a compact “Fortune Fragrant Sachet”. It slightly sways in the summer breeze directing good fortune to come in the future so that the pandemic goes away and also bring some fresh orange color to the scorching summer season.

An Authentic Taiwanese Dragon Boat Festival

The “Fortune Fragrant Q Brick” released for the 2020 Dragon Boat Festival comes in a white and green outerbox perfect for a lively summer season. The Chinese knot on the outerbox presents the holiday spirit and can be used in either a hanging or carrying way. Pull upward the Chinese knot and Q Brick dressing in a full Taiwanese style garment appears in front of your eyes: wear a green shirt with the Chinese character for good fortune – “Fu” (福) written on top of its clothing with green slippers necessary for the hot summer days.

Does this novel display in size and design of a fragrant sachet remind you of your excitement in childhood when those days the air smelled like zongzi leaves and you carried a fragrant sachet on your chest running everywhere? Wearing a sachet at all places will definitely catch the attention. You could also have this tiny guardian accompanying you along with the Dragon Boat Festival long weekend by hanging it in front of the window or on the desk.

Before pursuing good fortune, one must know how to appreciate good fortune. In order to reduce resource waste, the entire packaging of the sachet is made lighter. Excessive structures and non-environment-friendly materials were removed to match the spirit of the Dragon Boat Festival from inside out!

Q Brick has also learned to use Instagram to show off photos of festivity

Q Brick is very active and wants to try all kinds of activities such as the dragon boat, zongzi, egg balancing at noon. It also wants to do what the youngster do these days to post daily life on Instagram whenever it is happy or bored. The funny and humorous Q Brick only shows of his daily life during this time!

Follow Q Brick now on its exclusive Dragon Boat Festival Instagram account “gamaduanwu”. During June 13 to June 26, Q Brick will sharing amazing photos of its daily life on Instagram!

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The Most Fashionable Acessory for 2020 GAMA DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL – Q Brick Fragrant Sachet

May 5 Dragon Boat Festival is the holiday on which we conduct customs to pursue

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