Q Brick X Nic Hsu “A little surreal, a bit out of the daily life” of Retired Nutcracker Soldier

▲ Nic Hsu on the London’s streets 

Article | Mei-Ling Liu
Photo | Nic Hsu

“I hope people will find this creation to be interesting, funny, and that they will immerse in the different scenes with the Retired Nutcracker Soldier through the world of illustration. A little surreal, and a bit out of the daily life, but it is able to accomplish the things that cannot come true in reality.” Nic Hsu (Shih-Hsien Hsu) said , creator of the Retired Nutcracker Soldier Q Brick. 

Nic didn’t graduate from design or art related department. He said that he found his interest in drawing started at the age of 2. He joined a painting studio since kindergarten and continued until grade 5 or 6. He was bored with demand to be “precise” in his water coloring, sketching, and other lessons. He stopped the drawing lessons because he couldn’t draw freely, and felt limited. After he earned the college degree and started to work, the idea to create something became clearer and clearer in his mind. Surprisingly, the sharp turning point that kicked off his full-time illustrator career was regular office document work. Nic found his initial creative stage from drawing simple character images to being entrusted with extra missions drawing large action figures in drawing exhibitions. Then, he finally made the decision to dedicate himself towards the creations. 

There is a saying that goes, “When something you truly want appears in your life, the whole universe will help you to achieve it.” In addition, you will devote yourself and spare no effort marching towards your mission. After Nic left office life, he went travel and had study tour in London, a city full of cultural and artistic essence. When he returned back to Taiwan in 2014, he started taking cases as a full-time illustrator. In 2016, he entered into the Royal College of Art, which made him even closer to his target to become a illustrator. Nic’s passion for drawing has led him onto a completely different life as an office worker. These lifestyle elements are also authentically presented in his works. 

When he initiated the Q Brick concept proposal, Nic said that it was his first ever action figure creation. He hoped that this co-brand partnership with Q Brick would be a comb through of his own life experiences to resonate with the image of Q Brick, and to create an unique world view. The image of the Nutcracker actually came from his studying in London. At that time, he often rushed to get his drawings done in a café. The café would have illustrations of Santa Claus, snowman, and Nutcracker soldier on paper cups for the Christmas season. He chose the Nutcracker soldier, which is less common for Christmas in Taiwan, as a symbol of adventure, courage, and love.

▲ Q Brick X Nic Hsu Nutcracker Q Brick’s happy escape!

His personality of “getting bored, afraid of being stuck in a rut, and doesn’t like staying in the same place” is extended to the image of Q Brick – one who cuts off boredom. This is reflected in Nic’s world view of this “Retired Nutcracker Soldier”. In this world, the Retired Nutcracker Soldier puts on costumes in four different scenarios – a herd of seals, a fluffy red poodle, mangoes abound in Taiwan, and the gentle starry sky. This slightly humorous approach brings you on a fun adventure with the Nutcracker Soldier. 

In this co-brand partnership of the Retired Nutcracker Soldier Q Brick with Q Brick X Nic, the Retired Nutcracker soldier Q Brick follows the characteristic of “cut off boredom, fresh and fun”  to create its own humorous world view. Be yourself in surreality and out of daily life, where you are unrestricted, more honest and free.

▲ Co-brand cards and action figures of the Retired Nutcracker Soldier Q Brick

About Q Brick
Born in 2013, Q Brick has also made surprising entrances in sweet moment or commemorative events during holidays. The Q Brick platform action figure releases its full creative potential, cuts off all the boredom and declares that no one, nothing, nowhere should be dull and boring.

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Q Brick X Nic Hsu “A little surreal, a bit out of the daily life” of Retired Nutcracker Soldier

▲ Nic Hsu on the London's streets  Article | Mei-Ling Liu Photo | Nic Hsu

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