2019 GAMA X’mas Nutcracker Q Brick, Guardian of the Holy Night

▲ Dress up in a British military outfit, make a military salute, the Nutcracker March is the new Q Brick theme song in this winter.

As temperatures drop, the wind starts to blow, and one can’t help but look forward to the arrival of Christmas. This winter, Q BRICK is bringing back courage and hope! A slick military uniform is wore on a tiny little body. Q BRICK is ready to start marching in an exciting military parade for the winter holidays!

This time, Q BRICK plays the leading role on the 2019 Christmas exclusive gift box, designed by illustrator Shih-hsien, Hsu to reinterpret the magical story of the Nutcracker.

“The Nutcracker” is one of Tchaikovsky’s three ballets, and has now become the classical performance that must be played on Christmas. The story portrays a little girl Clara who has received a Christmas present – a nutcracker in the form of a military officer who then leads the toy soldiers at midnight to bravely defeat the mouse army in the room. The Nutcracker then transforms into a charming prince and takes Clara on a magical journey.

▲ Q BRICK standing at attention in a perfect form. Your room is under its protection!

A Story of Courage and Hope

The protagonist of the story is the Nutcracker in a military uniform. A nutcracker is already a common decorative toy overseas, so when Q BRICK is dressed up as the Nutcracker, the fun idea of “a toy dressing up as a toy” makes people to have a knowing smile on their faces.

The design of the box exterior also emphasizes the concept of a “toy model”. The Christmas Nutcracker Q Brick is kept separate from its bearskin. In addition to these two “true components”, the meticulously drawn images of the “fake components” – the Christmas Sword and the Magic Wand, represent courage and hope respectively, enriching and completing the imagery of the story.

The perfectly dashing Q BRICK is wearing the British soldier uniform, dressing in a red tunic, sporting a majestic handlebar mustache, and donning a fluffy black bearskin. Display Q BRICK in the room, and it will probably defend the enemies at night like the Nutcracker in the story, protecting your sweet dreams.

▲ Albeit its handsome, the appearance of the packaging with a “toy model” emphasis is still quite cute.

An Illustrator’s Memory of a British Christmas

All these beautiful designs come from the hands of the illustrator Shih-hsien, Hsu. Hsu is the winner in the New Talent Books category of the 2018 British World Illustration Awards and was nominated for several international awards again this year. The choice to use the Nutcracker as the theme started from his memories of studying in the UK.

That winter, Hsu collected the whole set of the British chain café Costa’s Christmas travel mugs; among his collection, one of the mug was the Nutcracker officer. This collection traveled with him across the ocean back to Taiwan, and has now become his brand new creation.

This time, the illustrator tells a warm story with the Q BRICK. A story not only with a background changed to suit the holiday season, but harboring the courage and hope in this ancient tale, one year white Christmas in the far away UK. Q BRICK is just like the illustrations created by Hsu Shih-hsien, embedded subtle emotions, pure yet free.  

→→→The Facebook page of illustrator Shih-hsien, Hsu  “Pic.Nic” https://www.facebook.com/picnic0918/

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