2019 HAPPY MOON FESTIVAL – Look at the Q BRICK Moon

▲ Q Brick was transformed into a full moon on Moon Festival this year, silently glowing in the box of the city’s night view

It’s the end of the blazing summer days, are you in need of a bit of a break? The night of Moon Festival is the perfect time to hang out with family and friends, eating delicacies, peeling pomelos, appreciating the full moon, and chatting all night. The ultimate way to chill together and have a GOOD TIME!

Peer through the window and see Q BRICK in full lunar helmet, jumping up into the pitch dark night sky, glowing amongst the stars like a warm greeting on a beautiful holiday.    

Keep a box of the city’s night view on Moon Festival

The 2019 Moon Festival gift box launched by The Chen Studio comes with a “Friends of Gamania Version” and a “Regular Retail Version”. The former is not for sale and a special blessing for Friends of Gamania. Both versions come with a small card inside the box.

▲ The 2019 Moon Festival gift box launched by The Chen Studio comes with a “Friends of Gamania Version” and a “Regular Retail Version”

The “Friends of Gamania Version” has a pitch dark city night view on the exterior of the box. The viewpoint of the card just like you stay in a room and look out from the window.  Open the card and read it as if you open a window, and find there is a GAMA Buddy figurine outside – with a full moon on its head, and its body blending into the starry sky. The “Regular Retail Version” has an elegant silver-white box exterior.   

Upon close inspection, Q BRICK is wearing a full moon head piece, made of soft material:  puffy and cute! Taking off the head piece is like taking off the moon. The adjustable four limps have also added a familiarity to the figurine’s playfulness.   

On an insignificant side note, the orange of GAMA Buddy plus the bright yellow of the full moon looks quite delicious. Do you also crave for some salted egg yolk pastries?

▲ The orange of GAMA Buddy plus the bright yellow of the full moon reminds people of freshly baked salted egg yolk pastries

The lively Q BRICK has changed into a classic elegant design this time. The overall aesthetics is a hint of dazzle in a mature design, adding its collector value. The whole box is decorated to be placed on an adult’s bookshelf without any issue.   

Raise a glass to the full moon and let’s drink to the Q BRICK full moon this year on Moon Festival!

The mission of this fall! Share a classic full moon scene for a chance to win the Q BRICK figurine

The exquisite transformation of the anime Sailor Moon, the heart-warming flight across the night sky of the little boy and ET, the eerie howling of the werewolf,… The glorious giant full moon is a main character in the evening of Moon Festival, and also plays a silent role in the backgrounds of many movies and series, tugging the hearts of the audience with its soft glows.   

If we were to speak about the full moon, what classic image comes to your mind? Share your impressions of the full moon at https://2019moon.qmarket.co/ and complete the steps to enter “The mission of this fall” prize-drawing contest before September 13 for a chance to win the Retail Version “Q BRICK Full Moon Figurine Set”.

[Steps to Enter the Prize-Draw Contest]  

STEP 1. Upload an image of a classic scene related to the “full moon”  

STEP 2. Fill in your name, phone number, email  

STEP 3. Share this event with your friends  

10 lucky winners will be drawn on September 20. Each person may submit for only one entry, but the number of photos uploaded are unlimited. That is to say, more uploads equals a higher chance of winning!

Free sticker downloads! Full Moon Q BRICK’s Autumn Night Story

Limited edition Q BRICK Moon Festival sticker are free for download on the beanfun! platform! The full moon Q BRICK life stories are made into animated stickers. The rather cutesie expressionless face and the silence of the character that’s worth a thousand words make these stickers perfect for Moon Festival or in your daily life.

Sticker No. 1: Q BRICK by the window “Can you hear the sound of my sighs?”   

Why am I still alone every evening when the shooting star crosses the night sky? Why do you treat me like this? Why didn’t you invite me into the group? This feeling resembles that of our main character the full moon, who can only stare at the happy families from the windows in the chilly wind!   

Whenever you get a cold shoulder from a friend, just attach this sticker to the end of your complaints for an elegant form of protest!

Sticker No. 6: Ate too much moon cakes “I’m so~ full.”   

The most authentic sticker on Moon Festival, because you will probably be really really full on that day, so full that you won’t have strength to type any words.

Sticker No. 7: Confused Rabbit “I don’t get it, I’m just a rabbit :3”  

“:? Sticker” is definitely a classic sticker for every conversation. It is quite an art to express the various delicate expressions of doubt! Being while expressing doubt is a super useful technique. So let the full moon Q BRICK (Jade Rabbit cosplay) help you with that :3.   

This is a preview of 3 animated stickers out of a total of 8. Want to see more? Head down to beanfun! for a free download!

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