▲Q Brick turns into the flag catcher of Dragon Boat Festival in this year with drumbeat surrounding

Q Brick has become the striving flag catcher on the dragon boat for infusing a stream of new vibe into the mid-summer surrounding with the consistent rhyme of the drumbeat. With the powerful drumbeat surrounding, he is poised for winning the big prize! Q Brick from the GAMA team is going to have a GOOD TIME with you on Dragon Boat Festival!

Q Brick the Flag Catcher is Unstoppable and Ready to Win!

The thrilling and boisterous dragon boat race is the most anticipated event among the Dragon Boat Festival events! The cheering along the bank can be heard from afar. The more efforts that the racers paddle with, the more excited the audiences become. The flag catcher who presents himself in the final is the key to win! This year, Q Brick is in charge of the important flag catcher with his unstoppable momentum to win. He presents all his best wishes to wish people a smooth sail in the next half year.

▲Q Brick the flag catcher has caught the flag and win with a great momentum that can sail smoothly to next half year

The Dragon Boat Gift Box Brings You a Good Luck!

The Dragon Boat Festival designed by The Chen Studio completely delivers the atmosphere of the dragon boat races. Q Brick is wearing a dragon headgear that symbolizes a high-spirited dragon and raises the flag of victory. The gift box’s card is designed as the drum in the Dragon Boat Festival that carries the best wishes from the gift sender. It is the best gift option for the Dragon Boat Festival, for it appropriately symbolizes the festival, the joyful and boisterous race atmosphere, and the winning implication of good luck!

▲The Q Brick Dragon Boat Festival Gift Box designed by The Chen Studio brings you victory and good luck

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