Fun your world! beanfun! is Rocking Stay-at-home Economy

In Taiwan, when it comes to gaming services experts, people would think of Gamania. It has cultivated in the gaming industry for many years, thus has been equipped with the strength and resources in the field and has attracted many gamers to use its services. This is reflected in the user flow of beanfun! In the beginning, beanfun! was Gamania’s gaming portal site, which integrated its games into one system. With just one account, gamers can log into multiple popular games and enjoy the convenient payment flow mechanism, access easy verification and buy Gash points. Gamers need only one account to switch between or log into all the games they have registered for, to enter their own gaming kingdom. In 2018, beanfun! evolved. Apart from strengthening gaming services, 7 other major functions have been included in the APP, namely “tickets, communications, community, E-commerce, payment flow, and online membership card services”. By clicking on the APP, you interconnect the applications for everyday life. It enables you to live a life with full potential and being well-connected.

▲ beanfun!’s diverse functions to live a life with full potential and being well-connected

Gamania zeroes in on gamers as a breakpoint

In 2018, Taiwan entered the “Gaming 3.0” era. In era 1.0, product specifications were key. Then, in era 2.0, product design and gaming community became the emphasis. Now, we have marched into the Gaming 3.0 era, where the eco-system of “user experiences” is the way to go. If a company only focuses on optimizing the games themselves, their subsequent benefits will definitely be limited. It is crucial that not only online, but off-line services should be cared for, thus expanding the extent of entertainment, reaching the peripheral entertainment functions.  

Now, beanfun!’s multiple functions have shown an open and comprehensive eco-system. beanfun! includes both online and off-line services, continuing to improve user experiences. beanfun! aims to become gamers’ portable entry into their daily life. Gamania’s CEO, Albert, has also said: “Keeping up with competitions or even being ever more competitive is not enough. The key is differentiation.” For this reason, beanfun! places the gamers at the core, providing them with different types of related services, such as Gash and the in-game item trading function.

For Gamania, apart from the change to the industry’s structure, a better way to stir up the market is to speak to the gamers. The most effective entry point for Gamania into the market would be to utilize what it is most familiar with: gaming. Gamania has more than 20 years’ experience in brining both online and mobile games to gamers and has accumulated a great amount of resources. The experience enables Gamania to have a clear understanding of consumer groups. A huge portion of Gamania’s online gamers are in their 20s to 30s. This generation, born when Internet technologies were booming, was the early adopters of digital technologies. They have been influenced constantly by new inventions – from dial-up to broadband and dumbphones to smart phones. This generation has surfed the waves of digital advancements, so pursuing new things is in their DNA. Although their likes and dislikes are harder to predict, their adventurous spirits in pursuing new things have led to more business opportunities in the field of consumer experiences. This makes beanfun!, which aims at innovation and bringing entertainment, more relatable to them

▲The early users of digital technologies are more open to new digital technologies

beanfun! integrates your everyday entertainment, creating more daily application scenarios

Imagine you’re fighting in  an instance dungeon in Lineage M at midnight  and it suddenly occurs to you that you need to deposit game points, but you still need 50 GASH points. But you don’t have time to even rush to the convenience store. This is when you could go to beanfun!’s chat room and ask your friends to transfer the points. Let’s try another scenario: you’re walking in Taipei’s shopping area but you begin to get hungry. You recall that you just got a restaurant coupon in the AnyTix of beanfun! yesterday. When you’ve finished the meal, you could even use the bonus points you won at the beanfun! event the other day, thus saving quite a lot of money for eating. beanfun! also collaborates with shops on the membership card function, with which you can earn points and have further discounts next time!  

Besides the functions that bring convenience to everyday life, beanfun! also integrates Cross Gate M to create the “Cross Gate Social Circle”. It exceeds how gamers imagine a gaming community can be. Cross Gate M itself is a mobile game that involves a high level of social interactions. When you log in using the beanfun! account and join a guild in the game, beanfun! will automatically include all the guild member into a chatting group, so you can all chat seamlessly. You can also enjoy the functions such as “item notification”, which let you know when a rare item is acquired, the “friends’ location”, which locate which servers your friends are in and “synchronized messages”. These functions serve to create a comprehensive and simultaneously interactive environment. This way, gamers who are too busy to log into the games can still use beanfun! to interact with their guild members and feel engaged. This strengthens the gamers’ bond with both the game and with their guild members.

▲ Cross Gate M to integrate with beanfun! to create the “Cross Gate Social Circle”

Let beanfun! show you a more entertaining future

beanfun! wants to open a life with full potential. The normal and common functions in other APPs are made much more fun in beanfun! In the beginning of this year, there was the treasure box hunting (which offer cash prizes). Also, April saw Gamania uniquely joins the religious event Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage. Whether it is the current functions and activities of beanfun! mentioned above, the activities under planning, or even the innovative treasure box function that the marketing team is developing, beanfun! is constantly trying new things and making breakthroughs.  beanfun! has been constantly integrating with Gamania’s various services and creating sparks everywhere. beanfun! is a comprehensive life-oriented APP, born at a time when Gamania is totally in element and at its heights. It is also a key trial for Gamania’s transitions. We hope that we can gather more resources within the industry, bringing “fun” to every user and creating a life scenario that is thrilling and interesting!

▲Let beanfun! show you a more entertaining future

Picture Source: https://yougov.co.uk/solutions/resources/blog

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