Gamania Branding 3.0 Newly Upgraded!

In general, consumers have a deep understanding of the product with only a smattering of the brand, however, Gamania is able to achieve 100% brand recognition in Taiwan. How does the Gamania brand become so well-known by the public? Deliver the key message of the brand, shape core value of the brand and reinforce the difference of brand image to invigorate the brand are the main issues Gamania has been focused. In this issue of G!VOICE, we will activate everyone’s brain to think about the brand and understand Gamania’s ideas and observations on brands.   

Internet is a highly variable industry. The technology is progressed in tremendous speed and it is hard to get the trend of consumers’ preference, so no one is certain of what changes will occur in the world in the next second. In response to the rapidly changing environment, we propose the brand management guideline promptly. It is a giant challenge at every stage in Gamania. From Fullsoft, which relased “Convenience Store” at the begiining in 1995, to the well-known Gamania Group today, Gamania has constantly marched forward and played the role of trend leader many times in the key period of Taiwan’s Internet development.

Branding 1.0 The era of PC stand-alone gameing crossing over to online gaming

From 1995 to 1999, Gamania was still named Fullsoft, and stand-alone gaming was the mainstream on the market. The connection to the world needed to be initiated with the beeping sound of a dial-up internet access and various industries related to internet and computer have thus been emerged. The internet in Taiwan was just taking its steps to an open, take-off period, prompting the trend of start a business in the internet industy and various types of online gaming began to sweep.   

During this era, “Convenience Store” made a deep impact on the market. Gaming development in Taiwan is an arduous journey. “Fullsoft”, Gamania’s predecessor, released the simple and user-friendly “Convenience Store” for developing consumers market. Gamania also adopted a unique marketing strategy to promote “Convenience Store”. In addition to racing to develop the undeveloped female market, it also fought counterfeit game discs with high quality gaming content at a low price. This was a long shot from the view of consumers’ trends at that time and resulted in the 1:1 male-to-female gamer ratio in the gaming which rewrote the traditional gaming market’s iron rule of more male than female gamers. The outstanding performance of “Convenience Store” made Taiwan focus on the potential of the gaming industry and the unlimited possibilities of gaming development. The obscure “Fullsoft”, in danger of dissolution, was thus reborn and became “Gamania”.

▲ The outstanding performance of “Convenience Store” made Taiwan  focus on the potential of the gaming industry and the unlimited possibilities of gaming development

Branding 2.0 The era of online games plus

In 1999, Fullsoft officially changed its name to Gamania. It was a milestone with profound meaning of the era. The name “Gamania” is a composite of Game + Mania, meaning a manic gamer. The Gamania logo design originates from the concept that an orange is the fruit that can be shared most easily and an orange slice resembles a smile as if it was a sign of joy. It is a perfect interpretation of company’s spirit, Love to play  at that time.   

After the sensation in Taiwan created by the release of “Lineage” on July 1, 2000, a wave of online games fad swept across Taiwan. In 2005, the release of “MapleStory” rewrote again the charging method of online games in Taiwan, and opened a new era of online games. In 2010, the most distinct aspect of this period was that Gamania already thought to provide users with more service options online in life beyond gaming. Gamania was also moved from a single gaming development gradually toward diverse entertainment development, such as anime, manga, esports, and so on. Music, anime, movies, game strategy, and many other services were addided in succession to beanfun!, the online digital platform at that time, so that only passing one entry can lead gamers to a fantastic entertainment world! 


▲ The name “Gamania” is a composite of Game + Mania, meaning a manic gamer


▲An orange is the fruit that can be shared most easily, and an orange slice resembles a smile as if it was a sign of joy

Branding 3.0 The era of total ecosystem

Gamania announced its official transition to the Gamania Group in 2015, providing a range of services including media, payment methods, e-commerce, and diverse services, that was  no longer limited to gaming, but geared more toward life. In 2016, the company expanded its territory into the capital flow by crossing over to the domain of mobile payment service brand “GAMA PAY”. In 2017, “Lineage M” was launched with high popularity and jumped to the iOS top seller ranking immediately after the server was initiated; it also remained No. 1 on Google Play’s highest revenue ranking for four weeks in a row. All of sudden, it got a high reputation in online poll and  its huge revenue provided Gamania with brand new operation momentum.   

To march twoard total ecosystem corporation, the mobile lifestyle app “beanfun!” was released  in the begin of 2019 in combination with Gamania’s diverse services. Only by a click to open the app is like activating a life application connection point, and an entry to comprehensive and unlimited life scenarios. After more than 20 years of experiences, Gamania has become stronger and maturer. That unwavering passion and the exploratory drive towards the future all the way to face the challenges of the era and continue to dare to challenge and create new opportunities. Gamania has upgraded itself in every aspect and also has brand new postion and adjustment in 2019, including an upgraded “corporate core”, “corporate value”, and “corporate vision”.

Brand core – From “Love to Play” to “Dare to Challenge”

Looking back at the era from Branding 1.0 to 2.0, Gamania was deeply devoted to the entertainment industry. The core of the company’s product development at that time was “to play”. “Love to Play” is where it starts with curiosity, ambition, and vigorous energy. For work and life,  it has always thought how to use fun strategy to create a new pattern.   

Branding 3.0 is Gamania’s reflection on its DNA and decision about a brand new brand core “Dare to Challenge”, which is interpreted as “Challenge Yourself” in mandarin , that means every challenge is a chance to overcome yourself. Gamania retains the passion to explore the world and is proud of the Gamania life philosophy but more aggressive and more determined in the face of the impact of the new era to show its adventurous and courageous spirit and initiate challenges not only on developing digital entertainment but also proactively extending itself into the broader field of digital lifes. Slogan is also changed from “have a good GAME!” toward “have a GOOD TIME!” to build an image of beautiful life for everyone!


▲ The new brand core “Dare to Challenge”, which is interpreted as “Challenge Yourself” in mandrain,  handwritten by Gamania CEO Albert

Brand Value – From “F.A.M.I.L.Y.” to “C.A.R.E.”

If one were to call each employee a key hub, then the consensus of corporate value is the connecting bond, linking the relationships with one another. The corporate value is the drive on which a company depends; it represents the philosophy and the soul that becomes the original momentum of development Everything from Gamania’s six main values “F.A.M.I.L.Y.” to the current four main values “C.A.R.E.” of brand 3.0 are what Gamania values the most. “Create” and “Advance” are Gamania’s self expectations in the industry. “Relationship” is the care we place in the various relationships with our gamers, consumers, the society, and the partner companies. “Environment” is our responsibility towards the environment. These core values demonstrate what makes Gamania unique among all the other companies. 

▲Brand Value – From “F.A.M.I.L.Y.” to “C.A.R.E.”


A value creator using vigorous curiosity, ambition, imagination, execution, and determination to create all kinds of possibilities and build the brand value with creativity   


A passion for learning new knowledge, staying at the cutting edge of technologies and trends all the time, constant skills improvement, continuous service and product optimization. No rest in the advancement!   


Value on customers’ relationships, insight to consumers’ demands, exploration of wondefull experiences in daily life and entertainment with passion and vigor all the time to create the consumber-centered relationship.   


Dedication to sustainability, ecosystem and environment protection, care for our planet, care for the people and events in life, value on our ecosystem and insistence of the sustainable philosophy.    

Brand vision: “To explore the unlimited possibility of life”

Gamania is not limited to its own imagination. Aside from gaming content service provider, it also thinks the possibility of playing diverse roles for gamers, consumers, society, and corporate partnership. Gamania attempts to utilize resources to connect to life so that more functions can be achieved online and a tight bond with everyone can be created. Gamania hopes to enter into everyone’s life  so that consumers can decide their own lifestyle, making life more comfortable and easier. This is the reason for the new vision “To explore the unlimited possibility of life”. Gamania will always continue to learn and grow under this new topic to move toward a higher and farther future.

Imagine if Gamania were a person, “Dare to Challenge” would be its spirit and belief, the four main values “C.A.R.E” would reflect the core principles in a Gamanian’s heart, “have a GOOD TIME”! would be what a Gamanian would say, and the greatest expectations of a Gamanian is “To explore the unlimited possibility of life”. The standard formula of a Gamanian was created in the name of these philosophies!

▲ The new philosophy in Gamania Branding 3.0

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