Registration for 2019 《Crazyracing Kartrider》 World Championship Taiwan Qualifications Open Now

Let’s Declare a War to the World!! Gamania announced today (June 21) that the registration for the Taiwanese representative team qualification phase of the first 《Crazyracing Kartrider》 World Championship starts today! The 《Crazyracing Kartrider》 world games, started by Korean Nexon and has swept the world, is a highly anticipated competition among gamers. The company indicated that they hope to continue the gamers’s passion and dedication to the game and have initially invested millions to host the games in Taiwan this year. The world championship prize award is about 20 million won (about NT $520k). The free-registration competition is divided into a group category and an individual category. In the in-person competition on August 4 (Sunday) the company will select 4 Taiwanese representatives to compete for the world championship in Korea. The winner will receive a large competition prize money and a “Honorable Trip to Korea” that is all paid by Gamania. The winner can receive the intensive training for the national representative team and meet rival top players and celebrity players from China and Korea on the ultimate competition stage of their dreams in Korea. Are you a talent too? Come and play for the Crazyracing Kartrider winner and show the world your amazing skills around the corners!

“Crazyracing Kartrider” World Championship promo film: 

▲ “Crazyracing Kartrider” announces the beginning of 2019 “Crazyracing Kartrider” World Championship today (June 21)

Official say that this year’s 《Crazyracing Kartrider》 league competition in Korea attracted many Korean audiences. It was observed that among the Korean online games, 《Crazyracing Kartrider》 is ranked No. 5 nationally, and the final of the “Crazyracing Kartrider League Season1” held in March this year has even accumulated 470, 000 online viewers, which shows the support and passion of the game’s players. This competition is limited to Taiwanese gamers without any restrictions on age or gender. Registration begins today at 6PM until July 7 23:59 PM. The championship is divided into the “Group” category and the “Individual” category. The company will choose the top 16 elite gamers from the online qualification competition from July 8 to 28. Gamers can follow the games closely through live streamings on the 《Crazyracing Kartrider》 official Youtube channel. 4 Taiwanese representatives will ultimately be chosen in the August 4 final round and compete in Korea for the world championship.

Additionally, they will receive the exclusive gift for the national team, the “Honorable Trip to Korea”, of which the flight tickets, meals, and accommodation are fully paid by Gamania. Gamania also provides a location and equipment to serve the training of the national representative team. The most important thing is that the representatives get the chance to meet top gamers and celebrity gamers in person and compete with these experts in their dream arena in Korea! For the latest news and more information on registrations and competition rules of the 《Crazyracing Kartrider》 World Championship, please follow up on the official Facebook page. Furthermore, this competition has partnered with 【ASUS e-Sports brand ROG】. ASUS will provide high-end e-Sports accessories and limited edition gifts to encourage the winners. ASUS provides action support for the gamers in celebration! On the in-person games of August 4, the entire competition will be played on high-end equipment provided by ASUS ROG, so that gamers can focus on their performance without worries and can fully devote themselves to win the championship!

It is to celebrate the new version along with the competition. Login to receive the “X-Gen Super Car”

Aside from the world level competition, 《Crazyracing Kartrider》 has celebrated a new online version, for which the company will organize a series of rewards activities. Until July 19, all gamers, new and old, will be able to receive an amazing reward of 1 “Smiles Treasure Chest”. The Smiles Treasure Chest includes great prizes such as “6 in-game items guaranteed after being opened” (if drawn must be permanent/all latest X-gen engines) car version, (if drawn must be permanent) role,  (if drawn must be permanent) pet, flying pet, balloon/head accessories/protective goggles, spray painting/tire marks, and others. There is a probability to take away the greatest prize of an X-gen Super Car such as Thunder X, Comfort X Black, and other rewards (1600 pieces of parts, 1000 KOINs).

▲ Until July 19, all gamers, new and old friends will receive 6 rewards upon login

Super rewards one after another, “Hundun Gold/Silver Treasure Chest” rewards upon login

More goodies to come! The super reward “Hundun Battle Opening Gift” is available to gamers upon login. Until July 5, a first login will receive “2 Hundun Silver Treasure Chests + 2 Silver Keys”. Inside the chest will be rare outfits – a “Summer Flower Shirt” and a “Santa Claus Suit”. At the same time, the company will host the “Hundun Battle SHOWTIME” event with gamers. Login to the game prior to 9PM each day before June 28, and receive “5 Hundun Gold Treasure Chests + 5 Gold Keys”. Crazyracing Kartrider gamers should not hesistate to seize opportunities and upgrade their gear!

▲ 《Crazyracing Kartrider》super rewards one after another, “Hundun Gold/Silver Treasure Chest” rewards upon login starting today

※ 《Crazyracing Kartrider》 World Championship promo film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-TWi842gP8  
※ 《Crazyracing Kartrider》 official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kartriderTW/  
※ 《Crazyracing Kartrider》 official world championship website:   https://tw.hicdn.beanfun.com/beanfun/promo/KR/E20190621/index.html 

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