《Cross Gate M》 Jun 25 Official Online Release in HK, Macau,and Taiwan!

It  was announced today (June 20) that the MMORPG mobile game 《Cross Gate M》, crafted by Japanese gaming giant SQUARE ENIX and distributed by Gamania, is to be officially released in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan on Google Play and App Store at midnight June 25. All gamers are invited to return to the Kingdom of France (法蘭王國) and start a new journey of adventures! 《Cross Gate M》 will be collaborating with beanfun! through the “community assistance” spirit of licensed IP to bring the gaming world and real-life functions and services together and create the most powerful gaming social interactive ecosystem – “Cross Gate Social Circle”. Furthermore, a grand total of 300 million in allowance will be given. Gamers are guaranteed to receive tons of benefits and have loads of fun!

▲ 《Cross Gate M》will be officially released at midnight June 25 when downloads will be available on Google Play and App Store

Taiwan Gamania CEO Marco Chien says “《Cross Gate》 is an iconic classic game for gamers born in the 70s and the 80s. The release of 《Cross Gate M》 is a significant event of the year for both SQUARE ENIX and Gamania. In light of this, we will partner with beanfun! to create a unique social ecosystem – the 《Cross Gate Social Circle》, for which we will issue 300 million allowance to gamers. We hope gamers from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan will not miss out the game after the grand official release on June 25!”

SQUARE ENIX China CEO Yinxiong Lin  says, “《Cross Gate M》 came from an important classic SQUARE ENIX original IP game. It is also a game on which we place great value. We are looking forward to the partnership with Gamania, which is very experienced in the distribution of classic original IP games. We hope our gamers’s support will result in a great performance for 《Cross Gate M》, creating another new heights once again.”

Over 1 million pre-orders! Midnight June 25, adventure awaits in the Kingdom of France! 
Esteemed team of voice actors provide the classic Japanese gaming experience!  

《Cross Gate M》 preserves the classic gaming IP complete universe and Japanese cute anime styles, as well as the core round-style gaming; it is a nostalgia-triggering mobile game for many Cross Gate gamers! The diverse character selection and profession types, along with the original 9 major categories of over a hundred types of pets, will offer gamers the authentic MMORPG experience once again! Since pre-ordering was started on May 28, Tuesday, there has been an astonishing number of  over 1 million gamers to have signed up. In order to upgrade the gamer’s experience, 《Cross Gate M》 has undergone an overall optimization of numerous system setups such as “balance of professions”, “accelerated level-ups”, and “increase in coin rewards”. Cross Gate heroes are invited to return to the Kingdom of France and start adventurous journeys with their adorable pets on this boundless continental map.   

“Cross Gate M” has revived the most classic background music and has even incorporated the voice acting of many renowned Japanese anime voice actors, such as Rie Takahashi, Ayane Sakura, and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. Gamers can enjoy the refined and cute style drawings, as well as the premium sensory feast. Emmerse yourself in the most authentic Japanese style game!

Brand New Mobile Gaming Ecosystem Upgrade! Partnership with beanfun! to create “Cross Gate Social Circle”!

New release celebration gifts including 300 million rewards coins & limited family cards. Full-range functions and benefits are provided just for Cross Gate!

《Cross Gate M》 will be collaborating with beanfun! to continue the “friendly assistance” concept of licensed IP games and bring the gaming world and real-life functions and services together and create the most powerful gaming social interactive ecosystem – “Cross Gate Social Circle”! Log into the game using a beanfun! account and join a family in the game, then your account will automatically be added into the family chat group in beanfun!. Access instant messaging with real-life family and friends, directly unlock your “Cross Gate Social Circle”! immediately gain access to the comprehensive instant interactive functions, for instance, a “In-game items Hunting Notification” will be sent to the family group whenever you receive rare items in the game. There is no delay between fun and sharing! In the future, we will also target social media functions to release “Friend Online”, “Friend Locater” to find a friend’s server, and “Sync Messages” to synchronize gaming messages in the family groups.

In order to liven up the social interactions on “Cross Gate Social Circle” and for all the gamers to accelerate the development of their families, we will be offering 300 million allowance during the game release period! There will be a concurrent “Cross Gate M Family Card” activity, in which gamers who log into 《Cross Gate M》 with a beanfun! account will receive membership card points, which can then be used to exchange products and deals at over hundreds of physical partner stores around Taiwan. Only the best games, best functions, and top benefits for Cross Gate M gamers!

“Cross Gate Social Circle” Awesome Parallel Events:

1. Game Release Gifts:   

I. 300 million allowance money gifts: Log into the game with your beanfun! account and reach Lv40 to receive 300 dollars of the allowance and a “Family Upgrade Coupon” to strengthen your family’s powers. Additionally, the leaders of the first 100 families to have 50 or more beanfun! users will receive 10,000 “Family Growth Bonus”. A total of 300 million allowance money will be issued exclusively for Cross Gate M gamers!   

II. “Cross Gate M Family Card”: Starting from June 25, obtain your “Cross Gate M Family Card” at the beanfun! “Member Card” section, then log into “Cross Gate M” with a beanfun! account, and complete an assigned mission to receive membership card points, which can be used to exchange products and deals at over hundreds of physical partner stores around Taiwan!    

2. First Ever  licensed IP Functions:  

I. beanfun! blessings: Gamers just need to activate buff in beanfun! to continuously receive +5% additional gold coins upon mission completions.   

II. Cross Gate M Family Group: Log into the game with your beanfun! account and join a family in the game, and you will automatically be added into the family chat group in beanfun! that you can access instant messaging with real-life family and friends.   

III. In-game Items Hunting Notification: A “In-game Items Notification” will be sent to the family group whenever you receive rare equipment in the game. No delay between gaming fun and sharing.

3. Soon to be available:   

I. Family Treasure Chest: Regular activities will be held in the future, which will deliver special rewards in treasure chests to the family groups.   

II. Message Sync: The family chat messages in the game will be synchronized with the family group chats, so that gamers can even stay in touch with friends offline at all times.   

III. Friend locater: On the gamer’s server list, beanfun! friends’ server locations will be displayed.   

IV. Online Invitation: Click on the online invitation option in the game and a notification will be send to the family group at the same time to invite your friends to join you online.

▲《Cross Gate M》 partners with beanfun! to create “Cross Gate Social Circle” and will offer 300 million rewards coins to celebrate the game’s release!

A joint performance by 300 actors! One-take promo breaking records in film specs
First ever click and mortar hidden version events! Challenging you with a side-mission puzzle in the ad  

《Cross Gate M》 held its game release press conference today (June 20) and has debut its first-ever high specifications promo film. The one-take promo that took nearly a hundred hours over four days to shoot was directed by multiple creative award-winning director  Chia-Wei, Huang and includes a series of performances by 300 hundred actors including national competitive cheerleaders, somersault stunt actors, and street artists. 6 tons of paint were used to create this high-spec project. It is divided into a trilogy, and will be released individually during the game release period.   

This promo is a click and mortar integrated combo creation, and includes an Easter egg puzzle to challenge gamers to find the secret code inside the film while they are watching the films. The solutions can be used online in the game to obtain the “secret virtual treasure” and the “special reward”.

Pizza Hut crossover creative MY HOT BOX Cross Gate M Adorable Pet Meal
Exclusive co-brand virtual treasure gifts, catch an “adorable pet delivery truck” and receive the limited gift merchandise

During the release period of “Cross Gate M”, the game will partner with “Pizza Hut” in a grand crossover game of creativity. Any purchase of the MY HOT BOX Cross Gate M Pet Meal during July 2 to 30 will come with a “Cross Gate M Limited Edition In-game Items”, which can be exchanged with a limited edition co-brand In-game Items that can restore the gamer or a pet’s magic level. Furthermore, a capture of the “Adorable Pet Delivery Truck” in real-life will qualify for a free pizza and a 《Cross Gate M》 merchandise gift. It’s a guaranteed a win-win situation for gamers in the game and out in life!

▲ “Cross Gate M” partners with Pizza Hut to release the MY HOT BOX Cross Gate M Pet Meal, which can be purchased with a gift exchange of a limited edition in-game items!

Huge celebrity support! “Gui Gui” and “Wang Zi”, celebrity group stars for fans born in the 70s and 80s, shows their cutesy side with their “Cross Gate Adorable Pets”
Interactive sharing sessions with many senior “Cross Gate gamers” to demonstrate the spirit of friendly assistance and to share memories of the game  

To welcome the release of 《Cross Gate M》, the press conference will be attended by classic idol group stars for fans of the 70s and the 80s “Blackie’s Teenage Club” “Gui Gui” (Emma Wu),  “Lollipop” “Wang Zi” (Prince Chiu), and many senior Cross Gate gamers, who will all be showing their support for the official release of the new mobile game that has been transformed from the classic original video game! Gui Gui, Wang Zi, and Cross Gate gamers will be bringing 5 furry pets to the event to be transformed into 《Cross Gate M》 pets, including: a land mouse, a gem mouse, Cupid, a hellhound, and a water lizard. The press conference will definitely be overloaded with over-the-top cuteness!   

The couple of old celebrity friends Gui Gui and Wang Zi will be sharing their fun and hilarious gaming experiences, while the senior gamers will share their exhilarating stories of team combats or moving experiences with the game from childhood. The press conference for the release of 《Cross Gate M》, which had Gui Gui and Wang Zi immediately cheering out of anticipation, allowed gamers to form families immediately and called out to all gamers to come and experience the magic of 《Cross Gate M》 at midnight June 25!

※ 《Cross Gate M》official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/crossgatem2019/
※ 《Cross Gate M》 official website: https://tw.beanfun.com/CrossGateM/  
※ 《Cross Gate M》 dual platform pre-registration: bit.ly/2Kr1NOp

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