Gamania will officially enter its 25th year in 2020. In this issue of G!VOICE, we will start off by decoding the new brand identity and the 25th anniversary visual symbol code. Then, the following will be two interviews with “Brand Director Eric Chen (Ahbin) X S.SELECT LAB Design Director and Founder Wei-Jhe Lin”, and “Director of the Corporate Marketing Office Iona Chen”. We are going to analyze Gamania’s internal and external communication strategies from various different points of view!

Change, is the Only Constant

“At Gamania, the only constant is change” – As the company is about to turn 25 years old, this is the perfect saying to describe Gamania. Looking back at Gamania’s history for a quarter of a century, from the PC stand-alone games in the 90s to the online gaming era until today, the company has developed into a diverse entity dedicated to be an Eco-Internet Enterprise. It has learned from its failures, while it continues to change and create, and learn the language of the new era. Despite the challenge at each step, Gamania has redefined itself with every step it takes.

Gamania new brand identity 3.0 concept: KEEP ROLLING

However, no matter how the IT field advances or the work model has changed, Gamania has never wavered in its conviction “Dare to Challenge”. It remains a constant and even becomes increasingly more important. The “Dare to Challenge” DNA resonates with Gamania’s dare to change. It has become a catalyst to creativity, resulting in the constantly improving Gamania of today. Like a rolling globe, Gamania gathered a comprehensive range of services, fearlessly rolling ahead. 

In response to the group’s vision and the brand’s core value upgrade, we have repositioned the brand positioning to adapt to the changing times. Gamania has added a new identity element, hoping to retain its own values in the fluctuating values of the greater environment, and helping the company reach new heights with the new energy!

▲New members in the Gamania brand identity family

Let’s roll! Interpreting Gamania from All Angles!

The new brand identity 3.0 adds dynamic design elements to the existing framework. The Gamania Group Brand Center invited the Taiwan-Japanese brand design team – S.SELECT LAB, to work with them on the design. A globe without a fixed angle of perspective, Gamania is no longer represented by a single mandarin orange slice, but a whole completed mandarin assembled from small mandarin slices. This Gama Globe seems to be formed by gathering every Gamanian, showing that the company becomes more modernized and keeps up with the times. Without a restricted display angle, it emphasizes the varied characteristic of Gamania . Using a language that is more approachable to the consumer can prove the company to be more flexible.

▲The new supplementary graphics are not restricted by the display angle, adding more flexibility to the visual applications

Meanwhile, this new supplementary graphics also present a dynamic imagery that is rolling forward, which represents a constant rotation along with the world. Gamania moves forward incessantly, propelling itself and hopefully the whole world’s trend . Furthermore, there is a set of philosophies behind the orange color that was applied in the image. The new color is primarily the orange that we are all familiar with, but if you take a closer look, it is even more mature, profound, and more energetic than the previous one.

▲The new supplementary graphics represent a dynamic imagery that is rolling forward

Gamania 25th Anniversary Keywords: Forward, Digital Wave, Dare to Challenge

Gamania will introduce the Branding 3.0 new identity system this year. The company will apply it with the “Boost the Digital Wave” concept to generate the exclusive Gamania 25th anniversary visual communication:

The graphic design is the number 25 in a dynamic wave form incorporated with Gamania’s brand new supplementary graphics. It represents Gamania’s courage to innovate and to exert its influence in the ever-changing digital industry, as it continues to realize Gamania Group’s core corporate spirit to continue to move the world and the adventurous “Dare to Challenge”.

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Gamania will officially enter its 25th year in 2020. In this issue of G!VOICE, we

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