2019 Year in Review: Gamania Brand New “Cross” Values

The phrase you hear over and over again in 2019 is : “Gamania? Are you talking about that Gamania?” , “Why Gamania is investing in movies now?”, “Why is Gamania holding exhibitions too?” Gamania is always surprising the world with its every move. From the gaming industry to digital living, to the current “discovering the unlimited possibilities of life”. “Think outside the box, unburden your mind.” : the courage to breakthrough and the DNA with destructive innovation are engraved in Gamania’s blood- that is the essence of Gamania and that is Gamania’s spirit of “never gives up” as always. For Gamania, this core spirit  permeates the group and makes its every move unexpected!

Branding 3.0 The Total Ecosystem Internet Era

After twenty years of dedication and honing, Gamania has grown through its attempts and advanced through explorations. In 2019, it welcomed the “Branding 3.0 The Total Ecosystem Internet Era”.  

In contrast to the Branding 1.0 era and 2.0 era, in which the company’s strategy was centered around “Love to Play”, Branding 3.0 era is when Gamania reflects on its DNA to re-center its brand around the new brand core “Dare to Challenge” for grasping every opportunity to overcome oneself. In the face of the impact of the new era, Gamania is ever more eager to initiate new challenges. Not only is it deeply devoted to the digital entertainment business, but it is ever more proactive in extending its reach into a wider and more diverse field of daily life. Gamania is fully prepared for future explorations, to face the grand challenges of the times, and continuously and bravely to make a breakthrough, to create new opportunities.  

Gamania’s 2019 initiative is “Adventure”, to make a breakthroughof the existing shackles, creating more possibilities. G!VOICE has compiled a list of the grand events of the group in 2019. Gamania’s action in cross-industry partnerships, cross-region development, and cross-field attempts based on its core spirit “Dare to Challenge” has strengthened and matured the group. Here is a look back at key event of the year, from which we can gain insight into the blueprint for the new year.  

▲ The new philosophy in Gamania Branding 3.0

Cross-Industry Partnership with beanfun!, Brand’s Enrichment Strategy

The 2019 Taipei Game Show duo-exhibition created by Gamania had the main theme based on the mega product beanfun!, who announced 100 million NTD gift rewards at the exhibition causing beanfun! gamers packed the exhibition. The activities about the game show results endless buzz. The exhibition became the start of the 2019 Taipei Game Show as it attained the amazing result of over 100,000 visits over the 4-day events in the whole exhibition site.  

In addition to reinforcing its gaming services, beanfun! has also incorporated seven main services into its app: “ticket sales, communication, social media, e-commerce, cash flow, and online membership card services”. Opening the app is equivalent of opening the door to your daily life application hub and also the unlimited scenarios to an all-around live style.    

beanfun! Are in a  Partnership with “Dajia Jenn Lann Temple”  – A Pilgrimage with Advanced Technology  

After the Game Show early in this year, beanfun! began to extend itself in all directions and boarded the youth train of the “Mazu Craze” in recent years to participate in temple festivities in Taiwan. Besides the traditional pilgrims, the number of youth and foreign visitor continues to grow every year. Gamania saw this growing trend and began its first alliance through beanfun! with Dajia Jenn Lann Temple that devote themselves to preserve the cultural heritage. The two collectively created the campaign for an online and offline “beanfun! Mazu Pilgrimage” with “beanfun! wallet”, social e-commerce “Youxian”, Gamania’s “Lineage M” and “beanfun! Q Market”. The campaign rooted and expanded the culture of Mazu pilgrimage for invigorating the praised “largest pilgrimage on the land of Taiwan” with diversity.

▲ beanfun! Are in a  Partnership with “Dajia Jenn Lann Temple”  – A Pilgrimage with Advanced Technology

beanfun! Basketball Assist and Music Festival Sponsorship!

The diversified functions of bean! opens up a fully accessible ecosystem. From online to offline, beanfun! continues to enhance the user experience to become a mobile entry to satisfy the daily life demands of a gamer. Beyond only for gamers, beanfun! is entering even more consumer fields. This year, beanfun! has partnered with officials to host the “Shout Out Festival” at Leofoo Village Theme Park, offering the top entertainment functions to the music festival. beanfun! Shuttles, beanfun! Dining, beanfun! merchandise shopping. Every node was connected by beanfun!, which became the best supporting partner of the whole music festival. Furthermore, in a similar vein, beanfun! integrated its games, payment system, media, e-commerce, and other services to assist ABL Formosa Dreamers basketball team. Together they co-created a pan-entertainment basketball experience from venue services, athlete merchandise, off-court updates, to player interactions. The product also combined “Lineage M” two-year anniversary celebrations so that participants can cheer for their beloved players and join in the interaction game for fun. beanfun! Is the must-have app for die-hard basketball fans.  

▲ “Lineage M” partnered with Formosa Dreamers basketball team to host beanfun!-exclusive basketball fans events

The Slashies Philosophy, Gamania in TV and Film  

In 2018, Gamania Cheer Up Foundation debarked on its ten-year anniversary “Antarctica Expedition” Dream Project. Team members included Gamania Cheer Up Foundation founder Albert, celebrity Chris Wang, ultramarathon runner Tommy Chen, and Dream Youth Ambassadors Lin Yu-shuan and Wu Sheng-ju. Throughout the journey, under the sun with 30 degrees Celsius below zero, the team skied cross-country at a super typhoon speeds of 50 meters per second. The challenge consisted of 10 hours a day of skiing daily on the uninhabited land, all the way to the South Pole. At 6PM Chile time on December 22 (5AM Taiwan time on December 23) the team completed the mission to successfully reach the South Pole. The entire team complete the mission impossible and successfully returned to Taiwan on January 8, 2019!

▲ Five team members of the Antarctica Expedition and Director Yang Li-chou stood in front of the props of South Pole landmark to have a cheerful group photo

▲ Albert pleasingly raised the Gamania Cheer Up Foundation flag at the South Pole

The entire process of this marvelous adventure was captured through the lens by Director Yang Li-chou in “Antarctica Expedition”. Following the foot steps of history’s first ever Antarctica explorer, exploring the land with the lowest temperatures, the strongest winds, and the highest altitudes on Earth. Furthermore, with the support of collaborative partners Discovery, “Antarctica Expedition” was debuted on the Discovery Channel at 10 PM on November 4. The audiences were allowed to see the journey of the dream-chasing Taiwanese expedition team, and it is also the team members’ growing and experiencing records. The documentary of this expedition group from Taiwan also received excellent ratings and viewership.

In addition to the achievements in television, Gamania also obtained great results in investments and planning in the creative filming field. The video game “Detention” developed by Red Candle Games was adapted into a movie. The film incorporated Taiwanese folk elements to portray some of the darkest days in Taiwanese history, the people’s loss of freedom during the February 28 incident. The movie swept the nation and topped the box office on the day of its premier. Gamania recognizes the potential of creative filming in Taiwan and has invested in the production of “Detention”, striking up a different kind of spark in the filming industry.

The “Antarctica Expedition” Campaign for the Spirit to Face Challenges. Both the Internal and Exterior Exhibitions Touch the Hearts of Tens of Thousands People  

As mentioned before, the Gamania Cheer Up Foundation’s “Antarctica Expedition” Dream Project came from 10 years of preparation for a daring dream, 2 years of efforts by an entire project team, and resulted in a 30-day grand adventurous expedition. It was a different challenge for each of the project members. We hope that it can inspire communities and the next generation to appeal to the adventurous spirit deeply rooted in our human DNA. This step across to a new field is a demonstration of Gamania’s spirit “Dare to Challenge”. It is also another of the finest moments in the Taiwanese history of adventures.  

In order to spread the spirit of “Antarctica Expedition”, Gamania Cheer Up Foundation hosted a small “Antarctica Adventure Exhibition” at the Gamania Neihu Headquarters in last year. This was the first publication of the entire preparation process for the Antarctica expedition. The exhibition received wide domestic acclaim and was even recognized by the “2019 Germany Iconic Award”.  

In the end of 2019, Gamania compiled the best and the most touching stories in the “Antarctica Expedition” project to host an exhibition on a larger scale – the “Go! Go! South Pole” Special Exhibition. The exhibition was held from November 30 to December 8 at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, in the hopes to resonate with more Taiwanese people and appeal to their adventurous values. Gamania partnered with “InFormat Design Curating”, which was in charge of the Creative Expo Taiwan, to blend innovative technology with design aesthetics, offering more avant-garde experiences to the visitor. The is a fresh look brought to the public, to be a whole new Gamania with InFormat. This special exhibition is a fusion of blazing polar winds, ice mounds, and snow-covered terrains. The unique interactive landscape created using technologies creates a “Snow Sled Experience”, offering visitors the actual experience without traveling to Antarctica. There are 6 ice mounds in the exhibition area, respectively under the themes: games and adventures, the realm of the unknown, pre-departure plans, expedition partners, challenges and difficulties, and the journey to home. The displays showcased the points of views of the team members and written guides. Each chapter based on the theme, with a corresponding segment of the valuable video documentary shooted by the Director, Yang Li-chou, is also shown. The polar winds and snow, the individual excitement of the team members, the fatigue and hardships, everything is laid out in front of the visitors’ eyes, quite a moving sight.

▲ The “Antarctica Adventure Exhibition” held at Gamania Group Headquarters

  ▲ Gamania Cheer Up Foundation and InFormat Design Curating collaborates on “Go! Go! South Pole” Special Exhibition

Even though Gamania has hosted numerous game shows, this is the first time that Gamania Cheer Up Foundation has retold a story of adventure from a curator’s point of view. The structure of the storytelling, the physical senses, and the presentation of the objects, all offer a unique visitor’s experience. The exhibition is deeply meaningful in terms of cultural depth and a scientific education angle. It guides the public to reflect on the personal meaning of adventures, creating a new topic of discussion. As for the organization of a cultural exhibition, this is undoubtedly a new cross-domain challenge for Gamania.    

A New Milestone: Gamania Wins Gold in CSR  

Gamania is devoted to carrying out its brand value “C.A.R.E.” In the spirit of innovative governance and the mission of social inclusion, the company has won the “Taiwan Enterprise CSR Report Award – Gold Award” for its first-ever participation in the competition. It is the sole winner of the said industrial category. As a total ecosystem corporation, Gamania applies the power of technology to develop several environmental projects within the company to advance towards goal of “Co-Living with the Environment”. Gamania considers its staff as sustainable operation partners and adopts an open and diverse governance model. The company and its staff co-create a “harmony and peaceful” workplace with its sporting working environment, healthy diet, corporate childcare, and other great aspects.  

This action demonstrates the value Gamania places on CSR. It shares the company’s innovative employment management, the role of the company should play in the industry, and the company’s policies and philosophies towards the friendly environment. It is also a drive to boost the group to continue marching on a new milestone for the Gamania CSR path.  

▲ Gamania Group is awarded the “Taiwan Enterprise CSR Report Award – Gold Award”

A quarter of a century,
Gamania 25th anniversary “Dare to Challenge”

In 2019, the endless new actions of the Gamania Group always attempts various different possibilities to think outside the box of regular corporate operations, and bravely change itself to face the realm of the unknown. Gamania is as a moving sphere. It accumulates comprehensive services, fearlessly rolling ahead. As Gamania marches into its 25th anniversary in 2020, in the name of “Dare to Challenge”, the 25 year-old Gamania challenges its new horizons. One cannot help but wonder, as a company that doesn’t play by any rulebook, what will Gamania’ new blueprint look like in the future?

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