I just can’t stop swapping with you! Here comes Swapub Party!

Gamania Group’s swap app , Swapub, held the “Swapub Party” at the Center for Innovation Taipei on August 25 this year, the first ever event based on the theme of “swap”. The Swapub team meticulously planned a series of exciting activities, the interesting experience raging from online to offline,  to make all registered swappers get ready for an unforgettable summer afternoon.

“So it was you!” Swapper Meetup

The swappers in various cities in Taiwan went from online exchanges to this exciting offline gathering through this event. Two people who never met before saw each other face-to-face at the venue. After meeting their cyberspace friends who have swapped with them, the swappers shared swapping experiences with each other despite the inevitable shyness and embarrassment at the begining. The venue was gradually filled with laughter and the atmosphere also began to became fervent!

▲ A swapper was spotted to bring his whole PS3 as a swap at the venue

“So it is you!” Flash Swap

Each swapper had to decide within the time limit if they wanted to do a swap with the person in front of him/her. If he/she chose not to swap, then he/she would match the next swapper like “speed dating”. Each round of swap was quite nervous and exciting. Swappers, with high expectation but fear, did not know what kind of item the next swapper would bring to swap. Would it be something he/she liked, or something he/she did not need? To swap or not to swap, it must be made by instant judgement.  The surprise of the matches in each round was one of the greatest joy in this event!

At the end of the event, there were lucky draws at the venue to win a Nintendo console, gaming discs, and other great prizes as a perfect ending for the swap party. In contrast to the traditional flea market, Swapub helps second-hand objects find their new owners with a more interesting and creative method. It’s not just fun, but also helps reduce the environmental footprint and extend the product lifecycle!

▲ The lucky winner who got Switch Lite

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