“Lineage M” 2-Year Anniversary Premium Celebration Event Series Starts Now! Double Your Chances of Winning Practice Instance Rewards

“Lineage M”, the epic mobile game that has crossed generations was released over two years ago. The game is developed by Korean gaming mogul NCSOFT and distributed by Gamania. This month (on December 14), it was announced on the players’ forum that the two-year anniversary will be releasing the special celebratory gift of 2 NC coupons, creating a huge buzz among players of the Taiwan version. The officials has also announced a series of reward events on December 18. The first of the series is the “The World’s Leaders Cake” event, in which the two-year anniversary cake monster will enter into the instances, engaging the players with the joyful spirit of the anniversary celebrations. At the same time, the world leaders and practice instance rewards will be boosted to twice than the original number. The previously beloved “King’s Hunting Ground” and “Practice Tower” instances will also be released again. The events “Great Server Migration” and “New Journey of the Accessory Chest”  long awaited by players will also be released at the same time. Furthermore, in appreciation of the years of support and encouragement from our players, there will be a specially created “Book of Prophecies” website event. Players who have completed the mission will win a chance to receive the brand new Pili glove puppet “Su Huan-jen” character transformation to be released by the end of the month. We want all the participants to go home with a bunch of two-year anniversary rewards.

▲ “Lineage M” two-year Anniversary premium celebration event series starts today

The World’s Leader Cake, is released. Let’s take down the two-year anniversary cake together! Greater Rewards from the World’s Leader Cake, Practice Instance, and Blood Oath  

In order to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the release of “Lineage M”, the officials are hosting twice the events in the game to share the spirit of this joyous occasion. During the event, there will be 2 times the regular practice instance rewards, world leader experience points, word leader chest, and magic doll creation coins. There will also be a world leader event held at a regular time every day in which the additional “2-Year Anniversary Cake” Monster will appear. Defeat the monster and the surrounding players with effective strikes will receive a limited time Strength Buff. As for the Blood Oath, the reward for check-ins during the event is the transformation/magic doll creation coin after the “Regular 2-Year Anniversary Chest” is opened. If over 30 players check-in daily, then the players will receive the “Premium 2-Year Anniversary Chest”. In addition to the original “transformation/magic doll creation coin” reward, players will also receive the “commodity accessory exchange certificate”. Plus, the regular Blood Oath Offering player rewards will come with extra blessingsx200 from Einhasad. “Lineage M” limited time additional World Leader, Practice Instance, Blood Oath Offering Rewards.

▲ “Lineage M” Practice Tower is re-opened, rare transformation cards and magic dolls up for grabs

Re-opening of the King’s Hunting Ground and the Practice Tower, defeat the monsters and receive valuable virtual treasures

The two former “Lineage M” instances “King’s Hunting Ground” and “Practice Tower” are to be re-opened again today (December 18). Players with level 60 and higher can attend the grand hunting ceremony. During the one hour of hunting time, a player can receive great prizes for killing any monster inside the event instance, and even have the chance to receive the very rare hero grade transformation card chest (event), and the hero grade magic doll card chest (event). A player must have a minimum of level 70 to participate in the levels in the Practice Tower. Every successful level challenge can receive the transofmration creation coin/magic doll creation coin, the honor coin and practice voucher. The number of rewards to be won vary according to the levels. A player can use the “Practice Voucher” to exchange virtual treasures wth NPCs in the Giran Village, such as the “Rare Transformation Card Chest (Practice Tower)”, the “Rare Magic Doll Card Chest (Practice Tower)”, the “Leather Jacket of Light Exchange Certificate (Practice Tower)”, and others.

▲ “Lineage M” re-opens the King’s Hunting Ground, a trove of virtual treasure rewards

Another Great Server Migration with a New Journey of the Accessory Chest event to send players onto a brand new adventurous journey

The “Great Server Migration”, highly anticipated by “Lineage M” players, are to be re-opened again. This time, the great migration of the Aden World will change the arrangement and powers of the various servers. Furthermore, reinforcement value +4 to +6 accessories are used as materials during the event period, to create accessories of equal reinforcement values, such as “Sniper’s Ring Box” and “Lentis’s Earrings Box”. Players can transfer accessories to othe characters through the event, and there is unlimited number of creations during the event. Players will not want to miss the chance to transfer accessories and strengthen other character’s skills.

▲ “Lineage M” two-year anniversary Great Server Migration is officially available

The “Book of Prophecies” website event has begun. After completing the assignment, players can win a chance to receive the first-ever IP-partnership limited Pili glove puppet “Su Huan-jen” character transformation card

The officials have recently (December 14) announced on the two-year anniversary players’ forum that “Lineage M” and “Pili” have partnered on their first IP-limited transformation card “Su Huan-jen”, which will be available to players inside the game from December 26. Once a player completes the “Book of Prophecies” website event personal assignment and the assignment for all the players, the player will receive a “Seed of Hope”. For every 10 “Seeds of Hope”, the player can enter the website’s draw and win a chance to receive virtual treasure rewards as well as the event’s IP-partnership limited hero grade transformation “Su Huan-jen”.

▲ Complete “Lineage M” Book of Prophecies event, enter a draw to win a IP-partnership limited Pili “Su Huan-jen” character transformation card

※ “Book of Prophecies” event website: https://event.beanfun.com/LineageM/E20191211/ladding.aspx
※ “Lineage M” official website: http://tw.beanfun.com/LineageM/
※ “Lineage M” official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Gamania.Lineage.M/

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