Since KFC represents hook-ups nowadays, Kentucky Fried Chicken will just book the hotel room for you!

If you ask a person randomly on the streets in Taiwan his or her impression of “Kentucky Fried Chicken?”, and he or she would probably answer, fried chicken, KFC, Colonel Sanders, or a fast food restaurant. Whichever the answer is, you probably wouldn’t have thought that KFC would actually build up a “love motel”! Not only does it have all the facilities of a motel, but also finger-licking tasty buckets of fried chicken. What’s even better is that all the wonderful things there are free!

Unfortunately, this motel is only operated in Spain 🙁

Here’s the deal, people in Spain mostly do not have the habit of eating fried chicken, so they  won’t think of KFC or list KFC on the list of potential choices when they want to eat fast food. This is indeed a bad news for KFC. If KFC want to twist this situation, they must find a good way and communicate with their target customers. 

KFC came up with an idea, that is to “check out what young generation are talking about on Twitter, then try to blend into their culture”. As a result, they found that Twitter users often tweet “I invite you to KFC (In Spanish, Te invito a KFC)”. KFC was delighted because this sentence includes the keyword KFC, which is this restaurant’s initials. However, upon further understanding of its meaning, they discovered that it was a misunderstanding, quite embarrassingly so. This KFC is not the restaurant KFC, and KFC mentioned by Twitter users has nothing to do with fried chicken. In fact, it means that “I invite you to doing KFC,” such as Know each other / Fuck each other / Cum together. In other words, it represents get a room XD. People in Spain re-purposed the term KFC into more than just one way, but infinitely creative new abbreviations.

▲One of the many creative news definitions by netizens (Koger, you make me feel like in 

Since KFC represents hook-ups nowadays, Kentucky Fried Chicken turns a crisis into an opportunity

Since KFC represents hook-ups nowadays, Kentucky Fried Chicken did not choose to whitewash it all, but decided to take it to the limit. If netizens want hookups, we will offer a cozy, high-class location so that you can enjoy your time. 

KFC partnered with the renowned high-end hotel in Madrid, the Hotel Palace de Madrid. They created the “KFC Palace”, which is designed in full KFC style, from cushions, bedsheets, decorations, soap, candles, bathrobes, slippers, to condoms, it is equipped with all the facilities entirely in the style of KFC. Of course, for the room service, there is also the KFC fried chicken set meal that will allow you to enjoy a finger-licking tasty meal after a wild encounter, um-hmmm.

▲ Everything is ready from KFC soap, candles, to condoms.

▲A large king size bed with the portrait of Colonel Sanders on the wall, LOL.

▲Colonel Sanders bathrobe

▲After an intense workout, restore your energy for another round.

The marketing team filmed a promo video first to welcome everyone to “Be as creative as you can to invite someone using the term KFC on Twitter, and get a better chance at winning a free stay in the unique, limited-time and exclusive KFC Palace.” And so, netizens have shown their infinite creativity to brainstorm about hookup-related phrases, writing in Spanish “Kome to my house / Fuck me in my bed / Ciao” and other phrases abbreviated as KFC. It also attracted the participation of many famous Internet celebrities. 

Video example: https://youtu.be/51KrKbqsEcw

The participation of netizens and celebrities caught media attention as well, making “Invite you to KFC (#TeInvitoaKFC)” trend in Spain. The whole campaign brought KFC to the Spaniards’ attentions and people also start to use the temr KFC in a more serious way, such as “love me with all your heart” (Kererme con todas las / Fuerzas de tu / Corazón). 

To sum up, this creative interaction has established the impression of “going to KFC as a new fashion” in the minds of the younger generation. At this stage of urgent need “to raise consumer awareness of KFC”, KFC is the ultimate winner.

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