GUS Christmas Luncheon Special Report Year-End Christmas Hotpot Celebration

At the end of the year, although GUS did not throw a luxurious end-of-year banquet, the heart-warming Christmas luncheon was still an essential Christmas tradition. On December 16, 2011, the GUS Christmas luncheon was held in a Japanese-Style Shabu Shabu restaurant. The warm steam from the hotpots gave our American colleagues a special sense of warm and caring. Thank you, everyone, for your hard work and dedication throughout the year of 2011. Please continue your excellent work in 2012!

▲John the big guy (second from the right in the next picture) challenged Jerry (second from the left) to a battle of who can eat more trays of beef. In the end, it was actually the petite Jerry who won! Jean (second from the right) boasted that she could eat seven trays of meat, but only finished 2 trays in the end!

▲Andrew (first from the left) always thinks up some funny postures when taking photos. Alice (second from the left) is a food expert, and we usually rely on her recommendations for our get-together restaurants. Jennifer (first from the right) and John (second from the right) are colleagues from the Unites States that aren’t used to Asian food, but even they thought the Shabu Shabu hotpots were delicious. 

▲Steve (first from the left) was the lucky guy who got to sit next to newcomers Shyla (middle) and Yingchi (first from the right). This is the first time these two new colleagues have participated in a GUS get-together luncheon!

▲Besides our boss David and Weili(Timor Liu) from IT, who is on a business trip to the East Coast of the United States, this is the entire GUS team!

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