1g Amazing Record

Since its launch in 2002, GASH card has been improving upon its texture, getting lighter and better each time. In the future, it is expected to become a virtual card without any weight. During of the course of such transformation, GASH left many records that marked its importance in the field of online entertainment. 

1.Breakthrough—one card for all

Back in the day, one game will typically launch its own card: RO card for RO, World of War Craft (WoW) card for WoW, GASH card for Gamania. But now our GASH card can be used to play games from other companies. You don’t have to be a Gamania player, or own a Gamania account. GASH became the first game card to break the boundary. 

2. First of which to build Micropayment, small-amount payment system in        Taiwan

Gamania helped build up the Micropayment system in Taiwan. In 2002, when Gamania first confronted the convenient stores, it actively sought to build up payment method tool. Gamania contacted the telephone companies and helped them build up the system and procedure within half a year. This system turned into the standard for small-amount fee payment. Gamania is open to collaboration with other companies to help propel the small-amount payment market. Therefore, Gamania is said to be the first game company that helps telephone companies to build, install and promote the system and has maintained long standing relationship with the. 

3. No.1 Choice of Brand for Digital Content for 10 years

CEO of Gamania, Albert insists upon single platform and single account, the concept can be traced back to as early as GD2S. While other companies launch different game accounts and game cards to go with each game, thus harder to integrate its service. Gamania provides single integrated service to players and GASH is recognized as the no. 1 choice in the sales rank of convenient stores for 10 years. 

4. Single month magazine circulation reached 1 million copies

For any magazine to distribute 100,000 copies in one month is seen as a remarkable achievement, but GASH card topped that record, circulating in the market at 1 million copies a month. Due to its massive circulation, the card also became the first card that has commercial value. GASH card not only advertises for its own product but approached by others to place ads on it.

▲The advertisement service on the cover of the GASH card is not only for Gamania but other companies 

5. First laser forgery-proof game card

Due to its massive user base and remarkable record of distribution and the fact that the value almost equals to cash, GASH card came up with a groundbreaking initiative—adding the laser forgery proof to the card. Players could identify the genuine one from a fraud one by checking the laser flash. 

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