Even when Facing with the Tides, Gamania Never Backs Down

The fearless for breakthroughs and destructive innovative DNA has always been in the veins of Gamania. This is what Gamania is, as well as the “never give up” warrior spirit Gamania kept for 20 years. For the Gamania Group, in facing with the tides of every era, we always managed to seize the chance to break through the situation, as well as turn everything into our advantage in developing a new ground! Gamania was deep rooted in the gaming industry, now fully entered into Internet lifestyle, relying on this fighting spirit present throughout the corporation. It makes our every strike precise and powerful!

▲The Gamania Group combines the diverse, and develop in all directions

Subversion game rules, creating a new experience

Gaming is the root of Gamania. We are comprehensively laid out over the world of games, and subverting the rules in the traditional gaming industry again and again with our bold and innovative business philosophy. Gamania’s user base covers China, Japan, and Korea. We are committed to innovative developments in bringing a brand new experience to the gamers. With the rise of the mobile generation, Gamania has been actively developing the mobile gaming industry, satisfying player demands via a rich genre of games, making games bolder, challenges more fun!

Eradicate monetary transactions, welcoming the e-money era

GASH was the original paying system developed by Gamania for online games. The expanded development of mobile payment business of the Gamania Group is the classic representation of going from gaming into living. Gamania’s electronic payment covers the all areas of living. In addition to traditional online game point purchases, through cross-industry alliances, Gamania allied itself with FamilyMart in physical channels, E.Sun Startup in financial sectors, and TaiwanTaxi, the leader in Taiwan taxi industry, to eradicate the use of coins in the future, allowing mobile phones to become the pass in your live, and create a fabulous mobile life blueprint!

Crossing into e-commerce, enjoy shopping anytime

The motto of Jollywiz Digital under the Gamania Group is “not just buying, but selling for you!” At the brand-end, the one stop integrated brand marketing e-commerce cross-platform opens up the business opportunities between Taiwan and China. Through the power of Internet, brand is allowed to stand on to the international stage, and create a brand legend! At the consumer-end, we also expect to bring the consumer the best shopping experience, and enjoy the fun in cross-nation shopping!

Innovative business, brainstorming beyond imaginations

Additionally, Coture and WeBackers started out from the original intention of Gamania’s creative spirit, and developed endless imaginations for Internet innovations! Coture combined the playful character of Gamanians, committing to light entertainment, covering areas of gossips, horoscopes, matchmaking, sing competitions, and so on. Watch them anytime, share them anywhere. WeBackers was established as a platform to promote the community, helping any startup entrepreneurs, teams, or innovative companies in crowdfunding imaginations via exchanges, connections, and cooperation.

The Gamania Group transformed the existing definition of an Internet corporation, connecting all Gamanian DNA in all business bodies toward becoming a national-class flagship Internet corporation. We will be powerful, continue to change and innovate, and strike with strength! The new era is changing your thoughts and Internet life. Get ready to embrace the new cross-industry life created by the Gamania Group for you!

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