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Creativity: Turning the Negative Positive

( Source of picture:http://www.casaoito.net/coca-cola-security-cameras) We tend to have preconceived images or stereotypes towards certain things, such as associating a tattooed person with drug use, a guy

Legendary Performances: The White Lie

Legendary Performances: The White Lie   Why is it that those who appear in commercials are always compelled to exaggerate their reactions? Why do food

Animals in the Commercials

WOWOW is a private satellite broadcasting and pay TV station. Its channels provide movies, TV series and sports. They recently launched a commercial for promoting

ALSOK Commercial Song

ALSOK is a company that provides various security and insurance services. Since early last year, they hired the well known Japanese figure, Saori Yoshida, a

Because You Have a Penis

Quit smoking, no drinking and driving, clean elections, child welfare, domestic violence preventions, gender equality. . . . . . When an advertisement is from

Creative Logic

Commercial videos come from creativity. Creativity is an intangible form: when you think about something that no one has thought of while taking a dump

Technology Replaced Paper, But…

I’m fully aware that paper is a product of the past now, thanks to smartphones and tablets. Not a fan of techy gadgets in general,

When Jean Reno becomes Doraemon

Everyone knows these characters by heart: The weak and whiny Nobita, the snobbish and wealthy Suneo, Gian the bully, and Doraemon. All across Japan you

What is the Future of Advertisement?

How would you “act out” the state of enjoying a cup of good tea? Picture this. The fancy, chic client representative with a Frappucino in