Upgrade to High Quality Image! SubCat HD Focusing on iPad: Experience New Quest Challenge!

Summer is the peak season for game industry, Gamania will not be absent from the mobile game market. Presenting branding new mobile content, Gamania officially launched SubCat with enhanced visual quality. In addition, two new quests were added: East Sea Dragon Palace and Honey Strait. The new game targets cat-lovers, recreational players and iPad owners and seeks to attract spotlight with the hottest ‘screen-wipe’ method.


This time we did an unannounced interview with potential player, Grace from operator, to test the game effect of SubCat HD.

  We installed SubCat HD to iPad and placed it on Graces desk.

  The cute visual presentation and music successfully attracted Grace’s attention, yes!

  Players will play the role of the cat protagonist, Juan, who receives orders from captain, Sebastian to catch fish. However, the screen is all blurry, how could one catch fish? Well, you need to wipe the screen with your fingers!

   Wow, after you play the game, the whole screen is squeaky clean!

  Such an easy-to-play game: Grace’s ‘wiping’ technique was excellent, her fingers moved so fast that even the picture could only capture the residual image.

  From the picture, we could see the ‘holy player spirit’, Grace used both hands to catch the fish and wipe the screen.

   Not bad, task completed successfully!

If you haven’t downloaded SubCat HD yet, take out your iPhone/iPad and search it in Gamania, then you could download it instantly! I hope everyone could support our own app!


Let me give you a heads-up, in the near future, you will see more of Gamania’s original mobile games, including our signature feature animation film, Hero: 108 (2nd version to be launched), we shall wait and see!




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