Core Blaze: The VIP Experience Hands-on Private Press Demo in Los Angeles, U.S

I believe Gamanians have heard of such thing: Core Blaze, the new heavy-weight action MMO game developed and produced by Gamania’s R&D team, made its appearance in the invitation-only VIP event in Los Angeles, U.S on June 7th. The date coincided with the annual E3 2012, so game media from around the globe were gathered in the VIP demo for exclusive experience and Gamania received many positive feedbacks! So, what was so exciting about this event that you should definitely not miss out? Let’s read on…

Core Blaze’s debut tester session was released in GGS last year and was very well-received by the global media, giving Gamania the extra confidence to organize a new game plan. Based on Group’s annual policy, this year is the focal year for the promotional campaign of Core Blaze. We hope that we could expand Gamania’s footprint in the world through Core Blaze. Core Blaze’s promotional campaign, a.k.a the exclusive VIP private press demo event in Los Angeles, U.S which coincidentally fell on the same time as E3.

This was the first time Gamania ran a campaign in North America. The chief organizing unit, corporate marketing office started to plan the whole thing since March. They also made many new attempts, including collaborating with the PR and campaign companies in the U.S, tailoring a campaign that best represents Core Blaze. We wish to let the media that have never heard of Core Blaze or Gamania being delightfully impressed by the content of the game and the campaign. 

Media that participated in the private demo took the campaign express bus to the location at their pre-selected time slot. The location was set in a century-old building in a quiet area in downtown L.A. The elevator would take the guest straight to the top floor. When the door opened, showgirls would lead the invited guests to the demo venue. 

▲Showgirls wore the special costumes designed in reflection of the four weaponry concept in Core Blaze and its ancient oriental fantasy theme. 

▲After registration at the entrance, media personnel would walk through a long corridor. On the walls of the corridor were the debut released characters and scene setting concept hand-drawn drafts.  

After registration at the entrance, media personnel would walk through a long corridor. On the walls of the corridor were the debut released characters and scene setting concept hand-drawn drafts.  




Then, they found themselves situated in the mysterious ambiance with in-game weather change created through light and shadow effects. In the spacious and comfortable tester zone, they listened to the guide illustrating the content of the game and how to maneuver. Shortly after, they started their Core Blaze experience, an exclusive version created for this special press demo by the production team. 

Korean media, Thisisgame, “Although the backdrop of the story is ancient oriental fantasy, in terms of artistic presentation, the scene was not traditional at all. The settings and characters were very exquisite. Some of the effects were very realistic, such as the ripples when someone steps on the puddle, the smokes curling upwards, or the light and shadow effect. I was really impressed. ”

North American media, OnRPG, “When facing the strongest Boss in the tester version of Core Blaze, players must discuss strategy beforehand: who is going to walk at the front to light up the path for partners? When should we release fire? When to throw the grenade? When to set the traps… Even as detailed as cutting part of Boss’ body to use against it. Strategic thinking is definitely the key in winning the battle.”

North American media, Massively, “I’ve never heard of Core Blaze before this year’s E3, but it’s definitely the biggest surprise in E3. Players who enjoy action MMO games, you should definitely anticipate this game. It is not only visually pleasing but the fighting scene is fluent and well-executed. Quests contain certain degree of difficulty which challenges players’ strategic thinking ability.”

European media, MMORPGItalia, “Core Blaze is a game with exceptional game scenes and ground-breaking game design. It really stood out among the same type of game in this year’s E3. It is an action MMO that players should look forward to.”

▲After the tester session was over, producer Jacky Chu answered questions regarding game version and production. 

▲Cast iron artist, who once built an outdoor installment for Hollywood’s famous landmark, Hard Rock Café in L.A, made a huge bow model for Core Blaze’s VIP demo. 

In addition to the tester event during the daytime, Gamania also invited the media guests to stay for the outdoor party in the evening, hoping to make them forget about the tiresome commute to E3 for three days in a roll. Nearly 100 distinguished guests came to the roof of a skyscraper in L.A, sipping wine, tasting fusion gourmet, breathing in the beauty of nature and urban architecture and toasting to a great success of the event in the sunset. 

▲As the night quietly fell and lights went up, in the nearby building saw the logo projection of Core Blaze and Gamania. Wasn’t it a great sight to see?! 

▲Two beautiful showgirls at Core Blaze: The VIP Experience

▲Nearly 100 media and distinguished guests came to the outdoor party in the evening 

▲Live DJ

▲Little surprise in the dessert: specially-made Core Blaze chocolate! (with mustard mango and garlic flavors!) 

After reading this VIP Experience feature report, do you also feel the strong ambition that Core Blaze attempts to excel in action MMO game? Where would Core Blaze make its appearance next? Let’s wait and see! 

▲Thanks for your hard work, everyone! 


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