The Most Attractive Aspect is not Necessarily the Most Profitable?

Have you ever gone on a blind date?

I’ve never been one but I’ve heard many people have.

The purpose of blind date is to find a suitable mate.

However whether the blind date would actually work doesn’t depend on first impression; nor on the intoxicating moment where both people have sparks in the air or butterfly in the stomachs; nor based on matchmaker’s torrent of compliments like a host selling a product on a shopping channel.

Whether or not the blind date would work lies in the actual person, what his/her value is. Which is his worth? His bearing, job, leisure preference, family members, age, or physique? From the outside, he’s very attractive, his taste in clothes and style fits his body perfectly, in short, he’s not a fashion victim, but his most valuable aspect might be the figures of his bank savings that support all this consumption? 


Attractiveness and real value are two different matters, I reckon. 


Looking decent is very attractive, but his real value lies in his extensive knowledge about taste.

Looking decent is very attractive, but his real value lies in know what he needs.

A pair of good looking shoes, a pair of expensive shoes and a pair of everyday shoes, they all exemplify different values.

There’s no right or wrong in the choice itself but what’s most attractive about a person and what he is really worth are two different matters, I reckon. 


A product’s most attractive aspect and its most profitable aspect are also two different matters. 


Merchandise needs to be packaged through various advertisements or trailers, about which the most charming thing lies in its commercial value. Ads and trailers are used to sell the products therefore the value and purpose of which is based on the commercial value (money, cost, profit). If commercial value is out of the picture, it is not called a trailer, but an installation art or artsy film. 


Every ad or game trailer needs to take commercial value into consideration which is why every film-making needs to have a purpose or message about selling and purchase. Every film producer (or clients who pays to get the film made) needs to clearly understand the focus of the film. In the film, the most attractive and the most profitable aspects are two different matters. 


As a paying game company, we have to able to detect what’s the most profitable aspect. What message do I want the players to get after they watch the trailer? Such designed message might be relevant to second wave of product campaign or to the world view of the product or about the uniqueness of the product. Whatever the content of the message, it has to be read by the players. 


A director (or film-making unit), he/she needs to find or create attractive aspects, there are many presentations that can be attractive. For example, the message, “The Fight Begins on September 1st ” can be shown as the last message of the trailer, made into a mysterious document tucked into players’ door cracks; or you can show the image of a player kills his/her way amidst the bombing and at the end extend his/her trembling, blood-stained hand to the screen, reaching for the audience. 


The most attractive presentation and the most profitable are two different matters. Although sometimes they seem like two o the one thing, it is important that we distinguish them and not lump them together. 


Game trailer started a Top 100 Trailers of All Time campaign since last month. These chosen trailers don’t always have the best audio or visual effect, but each has a “punch line.” You may try to identify “the most attractive aspect” and “the most profitable aspect” in these 100 chosen trailers even if you don’t understand English. 


Of course, this is not blind date matter so you don’t need to worry too much. Just chill and watch it.  




Top 100 Trailers of All Time




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Bruce participated in various domestic and international commercial production, film launch and theater marketing; worked in creative script team of Beijing Branch, Densu Group (Japan); worked as a director for Gamania. He currently served as section manager in product development department in GJP. 


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