Infinity Net: The Autobiography of Yayoi Kusama

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“Through this book, you could explore the inner world of Ms. Yayoi Kusama, an artist that even the fashion world (see footnote 1) is raving about. Her perseverance and paranoid side of growing up were delineated in details in this book.”  

What is art? What makes an exceptional artist? There are no standard answers for these questions, however, after reading the book, ‘Infinity Web’, I could understand the insistence and simplicity of this artist for it is so moving: “I could only finish my own path…even when I encounter pain or grief in this ruin, if I express myself in my art with all my heart, that’s enough for me. After 100 years when someone sees my works and thinks Kusama’s doing a good job, then I’m satisfied. Art is my faith.”—Yayoi Kusama

[Footnote 1]Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton  

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Japanese Contemporary Art Master: Yayoi Kusama
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“I feel that life is simply wonderful, so much so that my body trembles for it. The world of art is fun beyond measure, for me, there’s nowhere else in this world that could generate more hope and inspire passion. I would work as hard as it takes for art with no regret. I’ve lived till now with this conviction and I will carry on to live this way. ”—Yayoi Kusama

This book is Yayoi Kusama’s first autobiography published in Chinese where she reviewed her legendary life full of creation. The book began with her life in the U.S in 1975 because even though she knew she liked painting when she was a little girl, the most crucial, definitive conjunction in her life was the moment when she decided to leave Japan for the U.S.   

She described her life, source and concept for art creation in the U.S in detail as well as how she made her way into the art galleries in New York and held art exhibitions. She used to drink and create with famed artist, Andy Warhol and became one of the pioneers of pop art. She also mentioned her childhood, family background, schooling and how she chose to take on the artistic creation path.   

Yayoi Kusama called herself ‘psycho-artist’, she talked about her mental state in the book with all honesty as well as how artistic exploration pushed her into the brink of mental breakdown. She was saved one time after another. “I tried to retrieve the thread of art and try to explore a way for my own survival. If I didn’t have this outlet, I would definitely have committed suicide because I couldn’t handle the environment.” The exploration in art gave her the direction she needed to survive and eventually she became the most important and influential contemporary artist in Japan.   
——Extract from books.com.tw    

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Yayoi Kusama  

Born in 1929 in Matsumoto, Nagano, Yayoi Kusama is a avant-garde sculptor, painter and novelist. She is acknowledged as one of the most important contemporary artists in Japan and was selected as one of the 100 most important artists in the world (only two were nominated from Asia).   

——Extract from books.com.tw  

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