An Insider’s Look at Gamania Group’s New ID Badge

Everyone in the Gamania Group should have received their own ID badge now.  The new ID badge not only has a more minimalist look but also improves the feel of quality in the texture and design as well. So, was the update solely for the purpose of “making the ID badge look better”? The answer is no. For the Gamania Group, the change is far more meaningful than that.    

Management Requirements  

Gamania’s rapid growth in recent years has seen the Group grow in size as well. To give the organization a more defined management system, the Brand Center has spent time re-organizing and adjusting Gamania’s Corporate Identity System (CIS). Some key decisions were made on the design of the ID badge: For example, Group HQ’s main color is neutral black; each subsidiary then incorporates their own log and color into their badge identity. The lower right corner of every card also displays a “g” to represent the Gamania Group.    

Need for Globalization  

Some people might ask: Why is HQ’s ID badge more special? How come there is no graphical logo and it is a “black” color? The type for “gamania” is in fact the group logo produced after a minimalist design process. To set itself apart from business subsidiaries as well as identify managers around the world, the standard orange font and a more neutral black color was chosen by Gamania HQ as the CIS for the Group HQ.   A comparison of the new and old ID badges will also reveal the design touches with special implications. For example, the Chinese name has been reduced in size while the English name has been increased in size hints at Gamania’s determination to accelerate the process of globalization. “Digital Co., Ltd.” was left out because Gamania has faith in its own brand. The thinking that went into the changes was the main reasons why Gamania Group decided to revamp the ID badge. 

Many of the design details for the new ID badge are unique to the Gamania Group. The “gamania” on the badge sheath, the text woven into the badge lanyard, the Gamania logo on the metal button as well as the loop for PKI.

The ID badge features a loop for hanging your PKI so you can carry it with you wherever you go.   

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