Special report for SPACE 17 What is Called Density: DENSITY Brand Exhibition Allow us to make you experience various views and the pragmatic spirit

SPACE17 was relocated from the 17th floor to the 1st floor, following the transfer of Gama-Island last end of July. The exhibition of SPACE 17 showcases a brand new look. Along with the launch of “DENSITY”, a trendy brand among brands, the first series of exhibits of SPACE 17 started off with “What is Called Density: DENSITY Brand Exhibition”!


Experimental Paper Installation Art: Different Angles, Different Impressions

Upon stepping inside Gama-Island, you will find a striking protruding wall with 3 big letters displayed: “D”, “S” and “T” which represent “DENSITY”. But what makes it particularly special is that it is constructed by “paper”. Pieces of paper were formed to create shadows of different shades under the light, making the wall present different stereoscopic aesthetic feelings from different angles.

“What is Called Density: DENSITY Brand Exhibition” a collaboration between SPACE 17 and Phalanx, a creative team, hopes to show the flexibility and the possibilities of paper through the assembly in the Paper Installation Art. Through this the team expects to be able to convey a pragmatic spirit and the unique views of “DENSITY” from different perspectives.

The back side of three kinds of coasters designed in the DENSITY Brand Exhibition conveys the 3 spirits of DENSITY.


The Three Spirits of DENSITY

Dig it

Recommend originals and provide views from different perspectives.

Shift it

Whether it is closely connected with art and design and whether it can trigger an uninterrupted flow of inspiration.

New sparks are generated during the development of art and design.

Try it

A brand new creative platform; get “otaku” thought from each field.

Have the courage to step into the unknown, create conflicts, humor and more possibilities.





SPACE17 is the exhibition space of Gamania. It is made to be an avenue for conveying the culture inside Gamania and provide a place where Gamanians can release their unrestricted ideas and creativity. It holds exhibitions and activities every month and invites artists, designers and other creative workers occasionally. In the future, it plans to share more innovative ideas and explore more interesting people, things and events in Gamania.


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