Bologna Illustrators Exhibition Returns to Taiwan after 15 Years!

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Who says illustrated books are for kids only? When you see all the unique illustrations from around the world, you will be loath to put them down! The Bologna Illustrators Exhibition organized by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair originated in 1967 and is the annual highlight of the illustrator community and a key guide to illustration trends! Here in this illustrators’ hall of fame, the sparks of creativity flying everywhere and imagination running amok fill the audience will inspiration as well! 

Exhibition Content

This time, the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition is making an official return to Taiwan after 15 years. It features 380 superb artworks from 75 candidates each with their own distinctive style selected from 15,950 entries by 3,190 artists in 19 countries during 2014. Two Taiwanese artists received awards as well and the organizers have set up a special collection of winning artworks from 4 Taiwanese illustrators from past years to highlight the rich creative energies of Taiwan! 

Exhibition Information

Exhibition Date: February 14 ~ April 6, 2015
Exhibition Venue: Jie Shi Exhibition Hall, Rui Yuan Exhibition Hall
Admission: Adult $280

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