Unlimited BOSS Battles welcoming the most difficult challenge of the year! All new BOSS battle in MapleStory – Destruction King Urus barging into battle

MapleStory, a most popular title under Gamania, has unleashed the most powerful new BOSS of the year today (February 24) – Destruction King Urus. Urus is powered by new 2D skeletal animations as well as natural and smooth combat visuals. Players may team up with 17 friends to defeat this monstrous boss. Playing with more friends means more team points and achievements that can be earned, and more points means more maple coins and XP. MapleStory is also adding the Japanese version of the Silent Crusade. Starting from February 24, players will be able to embark on a new adventure with Crow and Sherry, delving in the Tower of Trials to complete daily missions and acquire Crusader Coins that can be swapped for mysterious outfits and equipment. To herald the arrival of the new BOSS Destruction King Urus, players logging in to MapleStory during the event period (from today to March 29) shall obtain a gift box containing 100 Crusader Coins.

▲ Destruction King Urus – all new BOSS of MapleStory – to be released on February 24 for the most intrepid players to take on

The rise of the Demon King! Combat visuals upgraded with the release of the all new BOSS Destruction King Urus – Assemble 18-player teams to realize the ultimate power of teamwork

MapleStory has once again released a long-awaited and all new BOSS – Destruction King Urus – today (February 24). Urus is provided with all-new 2D skeletal animations with new, meticulously detailed backgrounds, and smooth, naturally flowing combat visuals. Seasoned MapleStory players of LV100 or more may join forces with their friends to create 18-player teams and take on this powerful demon king. Fighting alongside more friends will earn you more team points. Skill restrictions will also encourage players work together in order to successfully take down this fearsome adversary. During the standoff, the Destruction King Urus will unleash various skills to take down the players, making team work all the more important and necessary. If one of the companions is grabbed by Urus, the other players must quickly leap onto the bear’s shoulders to attack and distract him to force him to let go (failure to do so will result in the grabbed player being crushed like an egg). Players must also provide healing to support friends who are near death to ensure sufficient team damage output needed to defeat the BOSS. Finally, after independently summing individual scores, there may be a chance to obtain “Exclusive Thrones”, “Medals”, and a load of other super awesome rewards. The game system will also rate the battle according to player score. Players may obtain “+8 to all skills”, “+8 attack”, and other commemorative medals according to their performance. Other fun achievements, such as “devoured by Urus” and “oft captured” can also be collected. To herald the arrival of the new BOSS Destruction King Urus, players logging in to MapleStory during the event period (from today to March 29) shall obtain a gift box containing 100 Crusader Coins.

▲ The year’s most powerful BOSS – Destruction King Urus. One may assemble a team of 18 players for an epic battle of the ages  

▲ Earn more team points and individual scores to obtain Exclusive Thrones of incredible style

Silent Crusade adventure from the Japanese version released – Discover the past of Sherry and Crow Enter the Tower of Trials and collect Silent Crusader Coins – Obtain mystery gear and board a plane to reach new mission areas for new adventures

The Christmas Day event from the North American version of MapleStory was hotly discussed amongst the players. For this year, MapleStory has added the Silent Crusade adventure from the Japanese version. This tale starts from Crow and Sherry and a series of adventures to be undertaken by the player. Players who complete daily Crusade missions will obtain Crusader Coins. Players may also use the Dimensional Mirror to enter the Tower of Trials to take on different challenges. Mysterious Crusader Coins will be rewarded for completing missions and these coins can be used to obtain mysterious outfits and gear. Also, players can simply use the airplane provided in this section and directly access mission areas to raid the level and kill some monsters.

▲ Silent Crusade from the Japanese version of MapleStory has been released for the first time, bringing players a unique gaming experience  

▲ Click on the Crusader’s Black Hawk to fly to your desired destination and quest areas

※ All-new MapleStory BOSS for Destruction King Urus: http://youtu.be/HKzLtAEVGtU
※ Official Facebook page for MapleStory: http://zh-tw.facebook.com/www.maplestory.msfans.com.tw
※ Official website for MapleStory: http://tw.beanfun.com/maplestory/

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