《Lineage M》 Releases the Tough New Occupation “Dark Knight” on June 12!

《Lineage M》, the epoch-making mobile game developed by Korean’s leading gaming official NCSOFT and distributed by Gamania, has held an announcement press conference recently (June 5) for the game’s latest version, the launch of its new occupation “Dark Knight”, as well as many major updates has also released. On June 12, Dark Knight, the tough new occupation will enter the story, and the new chapter in the story will begin. After server maintenance, players can create their Dark Knight avatars and login in with their new characters right after 6 pm. Meanwhile, to accommodate the execution of new occupation, the official will open a new hunting area “Dark Knight’s Combat Ground” to provide players with a new more challenging hunting area to conquer. When players defeat the Boss, they can win the props in the game, “the Advanced Dark Knight Spell Book”. Furthermore, two new servers, blessed by the goddess Mazu (媽祖) will be launched, along with 11 new transformations of the character and 6 magic dolls. Besides exclusive bonuses, the new server also provides the highest-grade transformations or magic dolls to players who reach certain level in the limited period. Also, to welcome the new occupation, the official will launch the new instance dungeon “the Collapse Island” on June 19, where thousands of players can engage in this thrilling mixed fighting game in the instance dungeon with each other and have a chance to win the new legend-grade equipment. On June 23 at Huashan Creative Park, Gamania is holding the “Fight for Tough Spirit” event, where players will get a chance to win the rarest treasure “Purple Transformation” in the game, as well as the extensive players in Lineage M can acquire more than millions of the game coins to celebrate the advent of this tough new occupation.     

▲《Lineage M’s》tough new occupation “Dark Knight” is released. He is born to kill

The “Dark Knight” occupation along with 11 new transformations, 6 magic dolls and double bonus rewards in the World Boss and Trial instance dungeons events are released on June 12

On June 12, Dark Knight, the tough new occupation will enter the story of 《Lineage M》. To accommodate the new occupation, the official is opening the new hunting area “Dark Knight’s Combat Ground”. Apart from the new and powerful monsters, there are two new major bosses “Dark Elder” and “Dark General Bailis”. People have a chance to win the legend-grade prop “the Elder Necklace” and the super powerful “Meteor Shower” skill book for wizard’ s extensive skill by defeating the Dark Elder. While defeating the Dark General Bailis, people can have a chance to win the props of “Armor of Kurtz” with hero-grade, and the “Sword of Kurtz” and “Shield of Rebels” with legend-grade, and the advanced skill book “Ultimate Defense” for Dark Knight.

While the new occupation releasing, not only a new and challenging hunting ground is provided, but the official also releases 11 new transformations and 6 magic dolls. Among them, the most sought after treasures to players are the wonder transformations, including the epic-grade “Dark Knight”, the legend-grade “Phantom Knight”, the legend-grade “Dark Harding”, the hero-grade “Dark Knight Lilley”, as well as the powerful magic dolls, including the legend-grade “Tarak”, the hero-grade “Kurtz” and the hero-grade “Ettin (red)”etc. Accordingly, players who want to enhance their avatars strength will sure go crazy about collecting them. 

▲《Lineage M’s》 new hunting area, the “Dark Knight Combat Ground”. Come defeat the Boss to win powerful props

Moreover, from June 12 to 19, there is a one-week weapon replacement event. For hero-grade weapons with an existing reinforcement grade of +7 to +10 ( or of +0 to +3 for those made of bone), players can consume game coins to replace them for a hero-grade weapon, Rapier with reinforcement grade +0. One server can only provide up to five of the weapons. The benefit does not stop here. This is the first time for an extra bonus: two legend-grade weapons replacement activities. However, the difference lies in that players can replace their current +7 to +11 weapons for the legend-grade Sword of Kurtz and Hellvine Dagger with the same reinforcement grade. One server can only provide one weapon replacement according to each reinforcement grade. This event is one of the shortcuts to creating the most powerful Dark Knight. Meanwhile, for two weeks from June 12 to 26, there is the double bonus event for the World Boss and Trial instance dungeons, for appreciating the players for having long supported Lineage M.

Two New Servers will Launch on June 12: Double chances to get Experience Points, to Have Prop Dropping Rate, and to Win Level-up prizes. The Great Chance is to Win the Legend-grade Transformation or Magic Dolls

《Lineage M》joined the Mazu Pilgrimage this April to pray for blessings for the new servers. The new servers “Dark Elder” and “Flying Dragon”, which have received blessings from Mazu are launched alongside the release of Dark Knight, the new occupation. The game’s designer, Korean NCSOFT, takes this version’s update very seriously. It launches bonus events to celebrate the new servers and to thank players from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. From June 12 to July 10, players can go click “Mall – Event” to purchase the 4 special bonus props, including “Einhasad’s Lucky Potion”- to improve the props’ dropping rate by 200% (every prop, excluding Adena). The “Growth Potion”- to give those below LV69 a 500% experience point enhancement. “Dragon Diamonds (200 of them)” –to those below LV69; the “Level Up Box”- when used by those from LV35 to 70, every time they level up, there is a great selection of treasures they can get, including the advanced transformation card box and magic dolls. Furthermore, during the event, when players reach LV 70, they will get one piece of dark skill book, which can create one dark transformation box or one dark magic doll. Players get to win either one when they use the prop. This is a bonus event of the new servers. The chance of the event that contains a variety of props is rare, so player do seize the chance!

▲《Lineage M’s》brand new servers “Dark Elder” and “Flying Dragon” are offering bonus experience points and prop dropping rates 

The brand new instance dungeon “Collapse Island” released on June 19 is calling for a thousand-man fight, where only one will survive. The fight for the hero-grade transformation card begins

With the advent of the new occupation Dark Knight, 《Lineage M》 is releasing the brand new instance dungeon “Collapse Island” on June 19. On every Friday and Saturday between 21:30~22:00, players who are above LV70 can enter the 30-minute game by spending 100,000 Adena. The maximum number of player in the game is 1,000. This new instance dungeon is about survival, and one player who survives in the end is the winner. The survival battle has three rounds: the first – the ancient Aden Continent; the second – the ancient Phantom Island; the third, the Collapse Island. Specific tasks can be completed by killing certain monsters for entering into the next round (in the first two rounds, players need to collect 100 ancient coins). If a player’s character unfortunately dies during the game, the ancient coins they carry will drop by 10%~50% of the total. While in an instance, players are not allowed to use magic scrolls or skills that teleport themselves. Some skills exclusive to certain occupations are also not allowed, such as wizard’s Absolute Barrier and Invisibility, Dark Knight’s Phantom Shield, Elf’s Earth Bind and Knight’s Counter Barrier.

Moreover, when the Boss is defeated in the third round, it might drop the new legend-grade equipment “Guardian Cloak”, and “Guardian Boots”, which when reinforcement is beyond grade five, will obtain one point for departure guarder property, and three points for when its reinforcement reaches grade 7, which is as strong as the Amor of Fidelity. It is imaginable that players will be fighting over this prize. Meanwhile, the bonuses of the instance are even more highly anticipated. Depending on the players’ ranking, different bonuses will be given out: the winner gets one hero-grade transformation card, the runner-up gets the hero-grade Weapon Making Scroll, the second runner-up gets the hero-grade Amor Making Scroll. Those in the 4th to 10th places will win one precious transformation card. Those in the 11st to 30th places will win one Blessing Giving Scroll. Those in the 31st to 60th place will win one precious Amor Making Scroll. And those in the 61st to 100th places will get 10 High Quality Dragon Diamonds, which give 500 Einhasad’s blessings each. Those players who love a grand mixed fight definitely can’t miss this new instance.

▲The new “Collapse Island” instance will be launched on June 19.

To celebrate the advent of 《Lineage M’s》Dark Night, come join the “Tough Spirit” event at Huashan Creative Park and Win “Red Transformation”, “Purple Transformation” and more than one million bonus points

To celebrate the advent of 《Lineage M’s》 Dark Night, the “Tough Soul” event is to be held at Huashan Creative Park on June 23. Players will see the exclusive 《Lineage M》 there and get to feel the charms of the tough Dark Knight. Player will win game coins when they complete activities at the venue. Gamania plans to give out more than one million game coins for players for really supporting 《Lineage M》. Toward the end of the event, there will be a lucky draw, where 8 players and 1 player will win 10 thousand and 50 thousand game coins respectively. The prizes also include a super precious “Phantom Knight” occupation transformation. There will be many lucky winners.

Moreover, apart from the crazy million-dollar to give away, the mini-game webpage “The Dark Knight Toughness Challenge” also launched today. When players get past the game’s score threshold, they will win 10 to 100 bonus points, depending on chance. Towards the end of the event, there will also be a bonus lucky draw for 100 thousand and 50 thousand bonus points. Players who have their 《Lineage M》 account linked with beanfun! can also win the “Dark Knight Lilley” hero-grade transformation. Whether you’re online or offline, a great of many prizes are waiting for you to get. 

▲To celebrate the new occupation’s release, Dark Knight series events are rolling. Go online to win red transformations and 100 thousand bonus line; come to the Tough Soul event venue on June 23 to win purple transformation.

※※One bonus point is equal in value to one NTD. The points can be used in more than 50 thousand channels that take Gama Pay, including Family Mart, OK Mart, Hi-Life, Simple Mart, Taiwan Taxi, Syntrend and Breeze.

※《Lineage M》Official Website:http://tw.beanfun.com/LineageM/
※《Lineage M》Official Facebook fan page:https://www.facebook.com/Gamania.Lineage.M/
※《Lineage M》Dark Knight Toughness Series Events:https://reurl.cc/7Ae0Q

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