Mapping Gamania’s IP! A Talk with Sanvy

Superman, Hello Kitty, Disney, and Angry Birds. By now you already now what intellectual property is all about. Actually, here in Gamania, we also have experts that secure rights to our intellectual property. Last year when Mig Said was in collaboration with one of Taiwan’s popular teen dramas, the Square-Head Lion instantly became a household image. This was made possible by Global Pursuit (GPNA), our studio-turned licensing company led by our very own Sanvy Hsieh, the Director of Gamania’s Creativity Center.

About Global Pursuit Established by Sanvy Hsieh of the Creativity Center in 2012
IP assets include: Harajuku Lovers, Uglydoll, Beatles, KISS, Madonna, Fantawild Animation, Luna, Mig Said, Hero: 108, Ohiya, Lizzie McGraw and more.
Members: 9 Branches: Global Pursuit North America Co. , Ltd. 

▲ The screenwriter falls head over heels in for Mig Said’s Square-Head Lion.

Case: The Licensing of Mig Said

Mig Said is an original animation by the Creativity Center. Each episode takes about 1 minute, usually with a humorous yet heartfelt motto in the end. Sanvy believes 100% in the potential of Mid Said. Yet in order to protect the characters’ right image in public, the search of a third party branding company started. Global Pursuit have worked with animation festivals before, and also negotiated for short animation to be showed before the movie in theaters. In the end, the collaboration with In Time with You came true!

“This is exactly who my heroine should be!” The screenwriter was so in love with Mid Said’s Square-Head Lion, the script was altered to fit her personality, and became the starting point of the lion’s (-ess’s) career. Sanvy pointed out that Mig Said’s uniqueness is that it offers a quick break from the hustle bustle of urban life, yet doesn’t take you too far. It is fresh, and contemporary, just like In Time with You. After the drama came to be a huge success, side-products became in high demand: Accessories, t-shirts… etc. The goal was to have products tailored for female fans, and it worked, too.

Securing International IP Rights

Besides Mig Said, Global Pursuit also presents a few other well-known brands. Names such as Harajuku Lovers and Uglydolls are just one of the few names associated with and managed this team.

▲ HARAJUKU LOVERS is Stefani’s own brand. Its tone is set to match the taste of rebellious yet naive-looking young girls.

▲ Uglydolls originally were doodles between its creator David Horvath and his girlfriend Sun-Min Kim. This toy is now an popular product in the United States.

Specialty: All Fields and Areas

“Usually GPNA seeks out potential brands as IP assets, and we will evaluate on whether to work with them or not. Everyone in our company has to know the ABCs of branding like the back of your hand. The spirit of branding has to always be taken into consideration. Then comes the marketing and promotional details. Every aspect has a SOP, and I can tell you, it’s often a handful, too.” With all that work in hand, it’s not hard to see that’s why Sanvy’s team is so professional.

Communication and Quality Control

When asked what was the most challenge part of the job, Sanvy replied, “It’s all about communication, really.” For example, the team came up with various angles on how the Square-Head Lion would fit into the story of the drama. It covered a lot of things, including design and concept, marketing, and the ultimate message the audience gets. Ultimately, it came down to acknowledging a brand, not just any single product.

“We are lucky to have some experienced partners abroad. As a Taiwan-based company, it is important to maintain professional and presentable to anyone that works with or by us. And happens to be something that Gamania is known for. The world needs an example to see that successful branding can be done in Asia, too.” Sanvy concludes that she is optimistic about Gamania’s current IP service business, and further affirms that we can go a long way, as long as we put hearts to it. 

A Note from the Editor

Gamania has an abundance of resources tailored for digital entertainment, including games, animation, media platforms, in-house productions and promotional reinforcements. If we are able to come up and secure a popular character IP, it is possible to become the next Rovio, or the next Disney. Sanvy also mentioned plans to integrate a new brand with the clothes line PUZZLE as to gain publicity and reach out to a wider audience. This is very much like how Hello Kitty become a household name. We already have characters such as Square-Head Lion, which backgrounds and stories that people can relate to. Although there might be still a long way to go, Global Pursuit is counting on each opportunity be a window leading the new era of intellectual property.


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