Happy Moon Festival! Meet the Gama Lunar Rabbit Buddy

There are so many legends about the moon. The most famous one is without doubt the story of the jade hare that lives in the sky! Remember how kids always squint their eyes at the moon and ask: “Where’s the bunny? I can’t see it!” This year a lunar rabbit version of Gama Buddy will be handed out as souvenirs of the 2013 Moon Festival. It will remind you to always keep in touch with your childhood innocence and playful spirit. 
The Adorable Lunar Rabbit Costume
Hey, where did Gama Buddy’s signature orange face go? Relax, friends. It’s just wearing a bunny hoody for now. Don’t you think the rabbit ears are super cute, though? Also, this special Gama Buddy wears a special rabbit jumpsuit. Just look at its round tummy and stout limbs. Who can resist that? 
▲ The Gama Lunar Rabbit Buddy is here to greet you a happy moon festival! 
A Special Moon Design Package
Besides the collectible itself, there’s a story behind the package, too. Once the round gift box is opened, you will see a paper mortar and pestle set that can mix out the elixir of life. 
▲ The detailed package echoes holiday sentiments of the Moon Festival. 
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