GAMA 20 Fair Highlights

There were numerous highlights in the GAMA 20 Fair.  Gamania employees and the general public alike all share different memories of the fair. Let’s recap the unforgettable highlights of the GAMA 20 event with the participants! G!VOICE’s twenty personal interviews reveal the most spectacular and meaningful moments of the GAMA 20 Fair.

20 figures X 20 highlights (Part 1)
Gamanian: Marco Chien, CEO of Gamania Digital Entertainment TW  

Marco: “The most unforgettable memory was to see players lining up all night to support our event! The highlight was filming the Orange Mushroom image formed by our players from an unmanned aerial vehicle. The image perfectly captures our our gamers’ mobilization power and inspires us to explore new possibilities with the help of advanced technology. Filled with gratitude, Gamania’s milestone anniversary is celebrated with a series of events. GAMA 20 is a representation of Gamania’s spirit, which is to expand its scope from gaming to an integrated internet platform. Gaming will continue to serve as one of our core businesses, while we strive to maintain our current success. Our goal is to team up with our partners and build a national flagship Internet enterprise!”

Gamanian: Homme Tsai, CEO of Coture New Media Co, Ltd.

Homme: “It was a great experience for Coture and our Million Star Concert audience to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at Huashan 1914 Creative Park. The mobile payment process was also very interesting. I was mostly impressed by the vending machine and Taiwan Taxi’s guided tour. The fair not only recorded our growth during last two decades, but also serves as an epitome of the future. As a new company, we found ourselves an important member of the enterprise during the 20th anniversary event. Coture is considering running similar events in the future so we can  have more face-to-face interactions with our clients.”

Simon Lu, CEO of GASH

Simon: “The greatest highlight would be the transformation of the enterprise! Since 2000, Gamania has changed the consumer behaviors and habits in the Taiwan market. Gamania has integrated online games, entertainment, news, e-commerce, mobile payment and crowd-funding. It is a brand new start and an important milestone. Many partners and guests on the VIP night acknowledged our achievements, which was really encouraging. As a one of the founders of Gamania, I was touched and elated! GASH PAY and GASH MEDIA were created in 2015 after GASH POINT became a subsidiary of Gamania. The fair provided an opportunity to introduce our new infrastructure systematically for our group members and the general public. GAMA 20 is indeed a crucial year in the history of GASH.”

Gamanian: Shinyeh Hsieh from Ants’ Power  

Shinyeh: ” My most unforgettable memories during the GAMA 20 Fair was the pay-as-you-go experience and the Swapub platform. Just like the theme of the fair, I can picture the enterprise will lead us to a limitless, convenient and environmental future. I look forward to seeing the result! I feel grateful to witness such an important moment at Gamania’s 20th anniversary event. I hope Gamania and lead us through the following decades and reach the next milestone!”

Amy Chen from GASH  

▲Amy (right) with her friends at GAMA 20.

Amy: ” The highlight of the event was the GASH PAY experience zone. The mobile devices change our consuming patterns and relive us from the heavy changes in our pockets. The most unforgettable event was the sharing session with documentary director Yang Li-Chou at the TALK Zone. To be honest, I seldom watch documentaries, but the clips at the session brought me to tears. We learned the meanings of his shots through his detailed explanations and analysis.  The most memorable location was the center of the exhibition! Each corner displays Gamania’s efforts and achievements in the last twenty years. My favorite was Webackers’s booth, where the guide patiently shared their successful crowd-funding cases with us. He also introduced new cases to us as reference, I have learned a great deal.” 

Gamanian: Joan Chang from GTW  

▲Joan (the second from the left) with her colleagues at GAMA 20.

Joan:” It’s amazing that they managed to move a café into the venue! It was a pleasing surprise to taste pour over coffee. The figures and gadgets at each brand’s booth are so cute. They show the lifestyle of each business entity with great details. I was mostly impressed by the tiny bracelet pins with each company’s logo. The ones from GTW and PETSMAO are adorable. Collecting these logo pins was an exciting experience, and it’s a great way to boost our team spirit!”

Gamanian: Jason Lin from GHQ  

Jason: “The most exciting part is of course the products! These exclusive and limited Gamania products come in great varieties, which are perfect as gifts for family members and friends. I didn’t expect the fair to be so popular. I feel very proud of be a member of Gamania. Huashan is an iconic location for exhibitions in northern Taiwan. Being able to put our flags here marks an important milestone in the history of Gamania!”

Gamanian: Penny Chuang from GHQ

▲Penny (right) and colleague Darren at GAMA 20.

Penny: ” I was really impressed by GASH PAY’s exhibit.  It’s a very creative idea to move Familymart and Taiwan Taxi passenger experience area into the venue. Everyone was holding a GAMA 20 balloon! On top of the movie Our Times, Yahoo messenger and Korean dramas, the most important feature would be the Gamania games! I never thought I could one day enter the company of my dreams. It’s truly exciting to be here and grow with the company as I turned 20!”

Gamanian: Frances Chang from Game Island  

Frances: ” One highlight was GASH, and the other was JSTAIWAN. JSTAIWAN’s eye-catching space design and wood furniture makes me want to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. The cakes are delicious! Game Island’s booth was the most memorable part, the designs of our brand products are amazing. I bought two cups.”

Gamanian: Kristee Chang from Jollywiz  

▲Kristee(the second from the left) at GAMA 20 with her grandparents

Kristee:” The GAMANIA sign at the entrance was grand! It was an extraordinary experience for Jollywiz to turn the venue into a store. Participants can sit back and drink tea here, which makes the exhibition experience very relaxing and intimate. We were first worried about not being able to fit in, but ended up receiving such a warm welcome. This event has brought us closer to the enterprise. The fair has not only defined us as a national flagship internet enterprise, but also built cohesion within the group. Even my grandparents are proud of me for taking part in such an important fair!”      

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