How video game helped razor to win the ad war?

We know that many men fell under the spell of video games but you probably aren’t aware that video games actually helped Gillette razors boost its sales!  

Gillette Razor+American Football+EANFL 10

Many years ago, the godfather of Taiwan Advertisement, David Sun helped a razor brand create a very masculine slogan, “Men’s knive”, shaping the image of a “true manhood”. At the time when electric razor just emerged from the market, the ad made owning a less technologically-advanced razor trendy.

For the longest time, the razor & shaving industry makes its profit not from the razor itself, but the disposable blades. The products must update and renew like computers. From duo-blade razor to 5-blade razor, emphasizing on the smoothness, slickness and comfort. In addition to buying the replaceable blades, you’re upgrading your purchase experience-buying new and improved product with high value and more competitive. 

When razor industry was hit by economic downturn, consumers tried to cut unnecessary expenditure. Some companies lost the motive for inventing new models, what made things worse, the consumers started to buy from other competitors’ products sold at a lower price and only few of them were willing to buy the new model. Gillette, as global leading brand in razor was no exception in face of such economic plight. 

To stimulate consumption and motive to purchase new model, Gillette decided to combine their target group’s most interested sport, American football and the then up-and-coming sports video game, EA Sports NFL 10. They held a massive promotional campaign in the most important sales channel in the U.S, Walmart. 

Initially, Gillette developed a series of special edition of new product, printing the logo of 32 football teams on their products with a free NFL leaflet and exclusive coupons of EA NFL 10. The new series was simultaneously launched in NFL as well as Walmart, successfully attracting consumers’ attention by way of EA’s high popularity. 

Such promotional campaign was advertised through various platforms such as Sports Illustrated, Men’s Heath. The advertisement conveyed the message that the special edition is only sold in Walmart, attracting attention and interest of sports and video fans. Once the consumers are hooked, from the moment they step into the store, Walmart continues to remind consumers of this information through various means and channels. 

Once the consumers walk through the sensor of the door, they could feel the pervasive almost overwhelming power of Gillette’s advertisement-from the main alleys in the mall, TV wall, specially designed shelves and display areas. The most impressive and genius part being, Gillette razors were displayed at the electronic section (where they don’t normally belong) with EA NFL 10! Walmart even hosted the EA NFL 10 video night, giving away free samples of Gillette to all participants. 

Gillette+Video Game, the combination not only increased the product’s media exposure, but created an unique opportunity to be in the spotlight. Their product sales increased 20% during the promotion period and subsequently EA NFL 10 also surpassed their sales record from the same period last year. All in all, the consumers are the biggest beneficiaries, they not only got to buy the popular video game with discounted price but gained an advanced razor. It’s a tri-win situation.  


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