Collette The Away Project: Killer Cross-Over Shop

The one and only: Collette, established on Saint-Honoré Street, Paris, in March 1997, is definitely the coolest, raddest fashion shop in the world. Combining creativity from fields of lifestyle, culture, design, music, aesthetics, trend, vogue and gourmet, Collette is the first “Concept” shop in the world and the first extreme “cross-over” brand.    

Not so long ago, Collette just finished its garage shop front renovation project with its neighbor, Chanel. It is now ready to launch its new vigorous fashion concept shop, “The Away Project” on March 28th 2011. Collette packed a solid legion of brand power as if announcing to shops around the world that “I, am the best. I, have what it takes to lead the trend.”   

“The Away Project” series was inspired by the classic navy stripes that represents French Chic. The cross-over products it has launched include: NIKE jerseys with FIFA, Chanel classic interlaced chain bags, Colorware mobile phone covers, Comme Des Garçons perfume, Hermès scarves, Ladurée Macaron gift baskets, Longchamp concept bags, MontBlonc fountain pens, Swatch watches, Trousselier stuffed toys and Yves Saint Laurent fashion make-up kit etc, the quantity and quality of which razzle-dazzle one’s eyes. 

▲Fashion landmark standing tall on Saint-Honoré Street: Collette  

▲Collette not only sells books, water, music, design and cosmetics, but life style and attitude.   

▲Just think of how many mega brands that The Away Project could rally, one couldn’t help but feel amazed.         


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