3 Idiots—Insists in Pursuing Excellence, Success will Find You

Joyce, GM of Playcoo  

“Surrounded by the institution of reality, fame and wealth, we often forget our passion and dream. Growing up, we couldn’t tell the difference between training and education. Find a love one or watch the movie alone in one weekend evening, you’ll rediscover the passion and the learning method that fits you the best.”      

Film Introduction  

Rancho, Farhan and Raju are students of Indian Institute of technology(one of the finest universities in India), they’re roommates and best friends with one another. However, in the campus that grades determine everything, Rancho, the go-on-his-own-way one, thinks critically and refuses to accept rote learning. He publically questioned principal’s ‘viral’ education method. He encouraged Farhan to pursue his own dream—as a photographer for wild animals and Raju to let of the fear to be his true self. He even persuaded principal’s second daughter to leave her fiancé who cares nothing but money. 

To save Raju from becoming a book-memorizing machine like the good student, “Silencer”, Rancho and Farhan changed the speech to be delivered and Silencer, and let him make a fool out of himself in front of everyone. The much humiliated Silencer hence made a vow to see who would really be successful in 10 years’ time. 6 years have passed, these people met once again due to one phone call…  

Move trailer: http://www.catchplay.com/movie/21164 Official Website:http://idiotsacademy.zapak.com/idiotsmain.php

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