Top 5 Web Design Trends in 2015

If you are a graphics, webpage, interactive or product designer, you might have noticed an increase in the diversity of design trends in 2014. Starting with the replacement of skeuomorphism by flat design, minimalism has become increasingly popular and infographics are also more attractive than pure text. With the popularity of mobile devices, responsive web design has begun to take the lead. Compared to boring static designs, dynamic and interactive web pages now offer more surprises! These changes will now bring design into everyday life to provide us with a better experience. 

In 2015, old technologies will gradually wither away. New trends in mobile devices and online business opportunities will continue to offer endless possibilities. In this article, let’s try our hand at forecasting the direction and trends in web design for 2015! 

Responsive Web Design Will be Inevitable

What is responsible web design? In its most basic form, the page layout and format changes at different resolutions to provide an optimal viewing experience of the same webpage on different devices. This approach was developed in response to the variety of mobile devices. Responsive web design has become the new standard in web design. Businesses and organizations are increasingly optimizing their web pages along these lines to avoid missing out on the growing online opportunities and users. This is therefore the new fashion and trend in design. 

Catching the Eye with Image Carousel and Dynamic Backgrounds

As everyone knows, a picture is worth a thousand words. And, yes, this phrase describes web design perfectly. Images are, after all, better at conveying information and leave a deeper impression. An increasing number of websites now use large images as backgrounds on their main pages. They may even use dynamic or carousel images to make people stop and view more of their page content. Interesting and lively visuals are used to capture people’s attention along with some out-of-focus, blurred or filtered images along with distinctive fonts are definitely one of the top trends this year. 



Parallax Scrolling Adds More Fun Effects

A style that has been all the rage in the last few years is web design based on the scrolling time axis. It is often used for product descriptions, story narrations or historical progress. Lively parallax effects appear with the scrolling of the screen to add interest to the web page. Now that more and more people are browsing the web on mobile devices, web pages will now have fewer clicks. The scroll effect will become all the more obvious and enhance the visual experience even more. 


Flexibility is Important for Text and Formatting

Less is more. Web design is about conveying content but too much text can be overwhelming and hard to read. To effectively deliver a message within a limited amount of space, the designer must think carefully about font selection and formatting. I think that minimalist and elegant visuals will continue to have its place in this year’s web design. At the same time, flat design elements such as simple color palettes, personalized fonts or infographics will be popular means of expression as well. 



Waterfall-based Interactivity Offers Great Potential

The runaway success of Pinterest led to waterfall web design being treated as the Holy Grail for social networking or media websites. It also led to a rush of adoptions by e-commerce and group buy websites. This meant that many websites all looked very similar for some time. If your website is image-oriented and content is secondary, a waterfall design will make the webpage look rich and clear-cut. It is also very functional, something that is important in today’s online word. 

I think 2015 will definitely be a year where designers will show their skills with all kinds of new products set to arrive. Designers, however, should not only try to make their designs interesting and innovative, but also meld together the old and new to push design to its limits. Most importantly, don’t forget to create a superior user experience that everyone can enjoy. 

UI Design Center / Jason Hsieh
The UI Design Center is an innovation team based around professional R&D and embraces new challenges with a proactive attitude.
We strive to focus on the user in our pursuit of innovative user experiences and design. We make the world a better place by providing products that best satisfy the user’s requirements and business goals. 

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