Classic beer with young spirit.

For the last few years, Taiwan Beer has successfully rejuvenated its brand image by launching new packaging designs. The Original brew is known for its classic blue and white stripes. The Gold Medal brew is sold in green bottles with white labels. In 2012, new brews with mango and pineapple flavors were added. Each new beer has been launched with younger looks. 

 ▲ Classic but slightly old-fashioned packaging. (source: www.twbeer.com.tw)

▲ The Gold Medal brew marks the beginning of new designs. (source: www.twbeer.com.tw)

▲New designs and color tones are adopted to attract young consumers. (source: www.twbeer.com.tw)

In 2016, Taiwan Beer hired Aaron Nieh, a graphic designer popular among young generation, to create “2016 Commemorative Bottle”. The distinct and modern style was favored as collectables and the beer was soon sold out as it hit the market.

▲(source: ETtoday)

This Christmas, Taiwan beer introduces a new Christmas packaging. The lovely design makes it one of the most-searched products on Facebook and Instagram. The video “Make a Wish with Taiwan Beer”, has gone viral with more than 1,010,000 views.

▲ (source: www.twbeer.com.tw)

As a promise to Taiwanese consumers, Taiwan Beer has always been loyal to its flavors. To stay competitive in the ever-changing  market, Taiwan Beer’s campaigns prove that packaging is the key to brand rejuvenation. Instead of spending a huge budget on changing brand personality, changing packaging is a economical and surprisingly effective marketing approach.

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