Over Tens of Thousands of Players Celebrated the Biggest Game Event in Summer 2012: Grand Opening of beanfun! Summer Carnival!



August 4th, 2012


[Gama News] The biggest game entry website in Taiwan, beanfun! hosted the biggest game event in the summer. The two-day event was held in the gymnasium of National Taiwan University from August 4th 2012. Tens of thousands of players swarmed in the venue to get an exclusive game experience of Gamania’s new products, Cyphers, Mabinogi: Heroes, Maple Story and CS Online, Crazy Racing Kartriders, Elsword, New Mabinogi, Dragon Nest and the exclusive pre-launch appearance of Web Koihime Musou. Nearly a hundred of gorgeous beauties stationed at the site, 2 million beanfun! points as well as top fantasy treasure and more than 200,000 game treasures were given. Moreover, 7 exciting game matches from beanfun! National Open of first half year took place during the event. Fans could not have asked for more fun and excitement! 


More than 20,000 players swarmed in the venue, what an exceptionally grand event! 


For the grand opening of beanfun! Summer Carnival, we invited Taiwanese popular celebrities, Yao Yao, Smire and rising all-male singer group, 4ever. Popular characters featured in Gamania’s games also showed up on the stage, including the little secretary from beanfun!, beautiful secret agent from CS Online, Goddess of Truth from Mabinogi: Heroes, girls from Cyphers, mushroom babies from Maple Story and Blue Rider and Sleepy Rider from Crazy Racing Kartrider. Their appearances and performance lighted up the whole stage! 


Grand opening was graced with the presence of Taiwanese celebrities, Yao Yao (left) and Smire (right), the excitement was pumped up to the max! 


Performance by rising singer group, 4ever, they brought the stage to life! 


Beautiful Taiwanese celebrity, Smire was playing Maginobi:Heroes, attracting many audiences’ attention. 


COO of GTW, Vincent Chuang led the media to tour around beanfun! theme pavilion. He showed them the rich audio and video contents from two major channels, Game Strategy and Game Live Stream and gave the media a peek of ‘My beanfun!’ and ‘Game Forum’ which were still during testing stage at the time. Deputy COO & Director of Platform Operating Division of GTW, Summer Yu said that beanfun! only celebrated its anniversary in July and now it has held the first beanfun! Summer Carnival for the players in August. To satisfy players’ demands, we have made announcement to the media that the brand new community functions, ‘My beanfun!’ and ‘Game Forum’ will be launched shortly after the testing is done. Once the functions are live, players can share their thoughts and experiences with their friends in games. 


New community function, ‘My beanfun!’ and ‘Game Forum’ made exclusive debut appearances in the Carnival!


Ms. Yu was recently invited to attend the 10th China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (China Joy) and as a guest speaker at the industry summit forum. Ms. Yu analyzed Taiwanese player groups based on beanfun! data base, the biggest online game entry website, holding data of 13 million players. She said that more than 300 game related business owners expressed high interests in collaborating with beanfun!. In the meantime, beanfun! will continue to select the best games for players and expand the contents in the channels to satisfy players’ demands. 


Gamania attended this year’s China Joy by way of B2B. 


Ms. Summer Yu was invited as a guest speaker to speak at industry summit forum of China Joy.


5 Year eSports Champion, Gama Bears Showed up in Gratitude of Their Fans



Official Website of beanfun! 




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