Flourishing 《CoCoCan Planet》! Create the New Paradise Exclusively for You

Want to be a theme park owner? 《CoCoCan Planet》 will make your dream come true!

Gamania will launch a new game 《CocoCan Planet》 on Facebook this June. In 《CocoCan Planet》, there are all kinds of facilities for the players to choose from and arrange. Such as the scary roller coaster, Ferris Wheel for lovers, merry-go-round for all ages, and tiny world for both parents and children. In addition, there are also store installations. For instance, the hotdog store, smoothie store, jeans store, and balloon store. There are foods, drinks, commodities, and facilities and players can sure build their own paradise park with such abundant equipment. 

Players need to elaborate their business ideas to build their park into a splendor theme park as Disneyland. Initiating fund will be granted at the first login so that players can build up a popular theme park. The more copious and interesting the park is, the more customers are satisfied and more coins as well as exp can be earned. There are five levels of the satisfaction and happiness of customers. Higher level can bring more coins so players must run their parks attentively.

▲This empty land is waiting for you!

Each store canonly serve limited number of customersat one time. To make more profit, players will have to depend on the assistant facilities. Furthermore, the size of construction side is also limited. How to place more facilities without hindering the traffic flow of visitors is the major challenge for all the players. 

▲Don’t forget to open shops for more profits!

Low business?Not enough visitors? Players can use the “shuttle bus” system to solicit for more visitors. There are six solicitors – “independent visitors,”“park shuttle,”“short-ride visitors,”“alien VIPs”“interstellar traveling,” and “long-distance visitors” and each will bring different amount of visitors. Players can choose the most profitable method according to their own operations. 

▲Six solicitors make your park full of visitors!

While the players are watching the continuous business flow in their parks,《CocoCan Planet》also provides a function of hide and see. Some visitors in the park are the Facebook friends of the players, click on the friends and extra experience and coin rewards will be granted. In addition, there are Daily Bonus for visiting friends every day. Hurry and invite all your friends on Facebook to join 《CocoCan Planet》 now!

▲Don’t forget to click on friends to collect coins and exp! There is also Daily Bonus!

Too many constructions to fit in the land?Don’tworry, players can expand their land as level up so don’t forget to expand your park when it’s getting too crowded so that visitors can have a wider and richer amusing space.


▲You can definitely feel the sense of achievement when seeing the copious park

Generally speaking, the idea of 《CocoCan Planet》 is not complicate. Players can no doubt own an exclusive theme park as long as they are willing to devote themselves to run the park. Joining in 《CocoCan Planet》 and you can’t bear to stop!

▲Welcome to CoCoCan Planet!

《CocoCan Planet》Fan page:


《CocoCan Planet》 promotional video

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