Special Report ACGHK,Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong The Opening of the 13th Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong 2011

Special Report

ACGHKAnimation-Comic-Game Hong Kong

The Opening of the 13th Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong 2011

The “Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong” held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center attracts a large number of anime and video game enthusiasts every year. It is a large exhibition of comics, animation, video games, toys and models. The event this year ran from July 29 to Aug. 2, with an unprecedented number of attendees estimated at 690,000.

There are 170 exhibitors and 500 booths in total this year, making it the largest in history.


Gamania’s exhibit this year maintained its consistent attractive presentation through the use of various visual aids for impact. The booth was quite popular, with players queuing up to buy its quality goods and limited edition gift boxes. They go home happy after enjoying the wonderful stage performance and receiving the exquisite, limited edition gifts and treats from “CS online”, “Dragon Nest”, “Fantasy Earth Zero”, “The Great Merchant”, “Elsword”, “Getamped”, etc.  

Limited edition products introduced by Gamania were cleared in a short time.


Aside from the contests and games organized during the exhibition, Gamania also prepared an entertaining stage performance, including a Chinese traditional dragon dance and a Cheung Chau Float. Girls in bikinis also paraded around to make the players drool!


Splendid, abundant, intense and exciting competitions on stage

The wonderful and exciting competitions were moved to the stage of the convention center


During the “Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong”, Gamania held exciting online game competitions to challenge players. These included elites’ competition of “CS online”, “Dragon Valor” PVP competition and competition of nest copy of “manticore counterattack” of “Dragon Nest”, melee of “Elsword”, and the battle between powerful conferences in 2011, etc. “Fantasy Earth Zero”, which was very popular among players, also held the 3rd anniversary final fantasy battle competition, making players watch and play to their heart’s content!



Enthusiastic, stirring, refreshing and pleasing performance

The huge 4-meter dragon dance started with noise and excitement on the stage of Gamania


Besides a series of exciting competitions, Gamania also prepared many wonderful performances for players. To rev up the players, “Dragon Nest” moved the Chinese traditional dragon dance to the stage of Gamania on the first day of the exhibition. The atmosphere was pushed to the climax when a huge 4-meter dragon was carried onstage by several men and led by Miyoko, a sexy model, and Ada Wong!


The huge dragon led by Miyoko and Ada Wong entered, pushing the atmosphere to the climax!


 “Forsaken Epoch” even had the Cheung Chau Float presentation in the Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong. The cute players in the float portrayed the characters in “Forsaken Epoch”, integrating traditional folk performance into the modern video games to show that “Forsaken Epoch” would infuse more diverse new elements into the games!

Little players in the float played the 5 clans in “Forsaken Epoch”. So cute!


 “Web Koihime†Dream”, a web game adapted from the famous “Koihime Musou” of Japan, even invited Uny and three young girls to play sexy roles in the game. They played games with 9 bikini girls onstage. During the activity, the cool bikini girls even invited players to come up onstage to lick lollipops with them, making the players have an unforgettable summer experience!

Cool bikini girls made the temperature in the convention center rise!


A role play of “Elsword”: Lena (left) and Eva (right); aren’t they sweet and cute?

With their charming looks and sweet smiles, the Show Girls provided the players with much needed vigor (:-D)!

Gamania Hong Kong held a heart-warming birthday party for a colleague after the exhibit.


Thanks for the hard work of the staff in Gamania Hong Kong. The Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong has finally ended with complete success!

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