Maple Story X 10th Anniversary Exhibition Comes to Successful Conclusion after Nearly 100,000 Players’ Support

As a pioneer of free to play online games in Taiwan, the ever-popular Gamanian game, Maple Story, held the Maple Story X 10th Anniversary Exhibition at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Warehouse 3 from July 25th to 26th. The exhibition included a small garden which contained nearly a thousand mushrooms, a Crystal Garden which was nearly 2.4 meters high, and a variety of game scenes, characters, and classes on exhibition. Almost 10,000 players took part in the event, reminiscing about how the game originally moved them. To express our gratitude towards players’ support for Maple Story, players above level 33 can accept one mission a day until September 1st and receive 3 10th anniversary coins. Subscribers will receive 5 coins.

▲Maple Story held the Maple Story X 10th Anniversary Exhibition at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Warehouse 3 from July 25th to 26th

Exciting Review of 10 Year Timeline, Nearly 10,000 Players Celebrate in Unison

Maple Story has officially entered the peak of its 10th anniversary celebrations this summer. In addition to the exclusive Taiwan dungeon, Mirage Forest, the Maple Story X 10th Anniversary Exhibition was held at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Warehouse 3 from July 25th to 26th, combining virtual elements with reality for the first time ever. X is the roman numeral for 10, which also represents infinity, goal, hope, and perfection. This is the reason that the physical exhibition event was named Maple Story X, in anticipation that Maple Story will continue to bring players even more perfect entertainment as its goal. Not only was there a 10 Year Timeline wall which conveyed events and important game statistics over the past ten years, historical updates were compiled on a wall of posters including popular updates such as Royal Knights, Phantom, Dark Paradise and more. Many game settings such as Taiwan’s exclusive Alishan, Balrog Altar, Royal Beast Academy, Toy City were presented as well as over 50 character and class cardboard figures including Son of God, Flame Wizard, Mercedes, etc. Almost a thousand mushrooms were used to create a cute garden and a nearly 2.4m tall Crystal Garden was constructed in real life, bringing back many game memories for players and inspiring many photos opportunities and exclamations from players who visited the exhibition.

▲10 year timeline, to review Maple Story’s history over the years

▲Poster wall of Maple Story’s major updates remind players of many memories

▲The little garden that contained nearly a thousand mushrooms was highly popular by players who thought they were extremely cute

▲As the classic online game Maple Story heads towards another decade of fun, multiple generations share in the entertainment value of this game

▲Exclusive Taiwan game settings such as Alishan (top), Balrog Altar (bottom) and various characters and classes make a transition from the virtual world into reality

▲Many players stepped into the Crystal Garden of their dreams

▲Passionate players dressed up as well-known Maple Story characters such as Aria (left) and Phantom (right)

▲Limited edition 10th anniversary fan (above), mushrooms (below), maple points, and virtual items inspired passionate discussions and anticipation

※Maple Story official Facebook fan group: https://zh-tw.facebook.com/www.maplestory.msfans.com.tw
※Maple Story official website: http://tw.beanfun.com/maplestory/

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