“PLAN-S” is now on the Android and iOS market, intending to “show” the world.

Gamania steps into the mobility market because it thinks converting IP games to mobile games is a promising business. Therefore, HaPod Digital Technology, a member of its group, together with the well-known Korean game company HanbitSoft and Blue Games, the developer, announce to publish a whole-new classical social mobile game, “PLAN-S”, on the Android and iOS market exclusively in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau on August 11, intending to “SHOW” the world. “PLAN-S” is the product of Gamania’s gaming and new AV media. We created the first “multi-screen music social” mobile game in Taiwan with the cooperation of Coture to launch the “PLAN-S Super Star”, a live show. The gamers not only can play roles in the “story mode” and dance in the “ball room mode” but also are free to listen music and make friends timelessly and boundlessly in the three major social modes-“Friends, couples and family”. “PLAN-S” and Coture jointly invite all gamers in Taiwan to join the “Let’s Go to the Coture Party” on August 12 to enjoy the multi-screen entertainment and show the pride of being the member of PLAN-S. Gamers may also watch “PLAN-S” and “PLAN-S Super Star” on the Coture application and website well as EBC at 9:00 pm of every Sunday from August 14.

▲Marco Chien (second person on the right side), the COO of Gamania Taiwan, and Yoo-Ra Kim (second person on the left side), the representative director of Hanbitsift, Xu Xing-Xi, the developing director of Blue Games (first person on the left side) and Homme Tsai (first person on the right side), the CEO of Coture, jointly invite gamers to dance in the “PLAN-S” world on Android and iOS phones.

With its former reputation, “PLAN-S”, is the first-ever “multi-screen interactive music and social” mobile game and is now ready to hit the world.
Play the game to decide the fate of “PLAN-S Superstar” Gamers challenge the Superstar members via avatars.

The 2015 Taiwan gaming survey shows that nearly 70% of gamers play games on their mobile phones, and App Store announced that 80% of profits come from mobile games in 2014. Young people tend to spend time on mobile phones while on moving vehicles, and therefore it is easier for “PLAN-S” to get close to gamers. Gamers can enjoy dancing with their fingers. Marco Chien, the COO of Gamania Taiwan said “Gamania is optimistic about the market of converting classic IP games to mobile games. We open registration for “PLAN-S” and nearly 100,000 gamers register. “PLAN-S” even hits the top 5 free applications in the Android market within one week. Compared with general products, iconic IP games are more welcomed by gamers because of the design, brand specify and preference. We actively find overseas partners to provide more diversified and quality product to satisfy the demands of the mobile market. “PLAN-S” maintains the essence of genuine IP games while optimizing mobile entertainment. The powerful music and social features coupled with the abundant paper dolls and pop music options must meet the needs of new generation for mobile entertainment. “

▲Marco Chien, the COO of Gamania Taiwan said “PLAN-S” maintains the essence of genuine IP games while optimizing mobile entertainment. The powerful music and social features coupled with the abundant paper dolls and pop music options must meet the needs of new generation for mobile entertainment.” “

▲Dennis Weng, the product owner of “PLAN-S” expressed that “PLAN-S” offers advanced friendship mode, couple mode and family mode to push gamers to sincerely and deeply bond and interact. “」

Yoo-Ra Kim, the representative director of HanbitSoft expressed his idea of deciding to make a debut of “PLAN-S” in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, saying “We see the brilliant performance in Taiwan mobile game market and our partner, Gamania, has the largest local game portal site, “beanfun!”, huge number of members and local strength. Moreover, Gamania steps to the digital living field and provide a whole-new multi-screen entertainment through “PLAN-S”. Gamers can interact virtually on mobile phones or actually in the talent show. This multi-screen interaction will trigger a new game trend. “

“PLAN-S” is coming soon! Gamania successfully develops synergy and cooperates with Coture to create a live talent show, “PLAN-S Superstar”, to present a uniquely different game. Gamers of “PLAN-S” can vote among 18 candidates through the mobile game and join the talent show after “PLAN-S” is broadcasted on August 14. In addition, if the gamer completes the “STAR” song in the bubble mode (individual game/simple) and hits the highest score within the stated time, his/her paper doll which shows individual style will be shown in the talent show and become the focal point on the screen.  

Zhan Ya Han, a member of the “PLAN-S Superstar”, enjoys great popularity and has a pretty face. She excitedly shares the joy of endorsing the game, saying “I love to match clothes, so the paper doll system of “PLAN-S” is my favorite feature! I can select clothes and accessories I like and show my style in the game. The unique style shows your attitude. “Weng Zheng Jie with the highest popularity stated “PLAN-S” has beautiful UI and it’s easy to play. There are plenty of Korean and Chinese songs to select. I often play the game and listen the music while waiting or on the way to the dance studio. Besides, I can use the social function to interact with other gamers to build friendship. The game meets many needs. “

▲“PLAN-S” coupled with “PLAN-S Superstar”, the live talent show of Coture create a milestone of the first “multi-screen interactive, music and social” mobile entertainment.

▲The members of “PLAN-S Superstar”, the talent live show of Coture, endorse “PLAN-S” and attend the press conference in brilliant and beautiful style.

▲“PLAN-S” actively invites the 18 members of “PLAN-S Superstar” to put on the most beautiful armor for the final multi-screen war!

“PLAN-S Superstar” invites you to enter the “Story Mode” to chase the dream of being a star with them.
The advanced “Friendship mode”, “Couple Mode” and “Family Mode” allow gamers to chat on mobile phones wherever they go!

“PLAN-S” is the mobile version of “Audition Online”, the classic IP game which aroused a sensation amazingly. Now, the original group reproduces the classic “Story Mode” in “Audition Online” and invites gamers to be a superstar! At the general level, gamers use two arrow keys to dance to music while four arrow keys are needed at the elite level with higher difficulty. The gamers will have gems, clothing vouchers or useful tools if they reach the target score of the level. If you beat the final strong BOSS of every chapter, the next story section will be opened and the stars acquired in the chapter help gamers to receive additional rewards!

▲There is a strong BOSS in the final chapter of the “Story Mode”. If the gamer beat it, the next story section will be opened. 

“PLAN-S” offers advanced “Friendship mode”, “Couple Mode” and “Family Mode” for gamers to sincerely and deeply bond and interact. The social feature of the “Friendship mode” allows gamers to add other gamers of “PLAN-S” or facebook friends to the game. They can acquire friendship credits and may have a chance to win a gem box. Even more, their level will be upgraded and their name will be cooler. When they battle with NPCs, there will be bonus credits. The gamers can broadcast in the “Friendship mode” to call out friends to battle or tell someone you like him/her. They can express love by using the “electronic speaker” in the chat interface. “PLAN-S” allows every gamer to interact freely.

▲After gamers become friends in the “Friendship Mode”, they can send gifts every day. The giver will have 1 friendship credit and the receiver will have 1 power credit.

“PLAN-S” also has the social feature which was extremely welcomed by gamers. In the “Couple Mode”, a team must be made up of one man and one woman. When “PERFECT” appears during the battle, a red heart will be shown in the middle. If their minds are in sync and they acquire 5 red hearts, they can become couples with the consent of both sides. Gamers can enjoy falling in love in the virtual game. In the couple mode, they may acquire bonus coins and experience and their rank on the billboard will be up if they often dance with their partners. The couple at the first place of the month will receive superb rare wings.

▲If the couple has enough red hearts, they can have bonus coins and experiences.

When reaching Level 10, the gamer can create a family with 100,000 coins or join the family that others create. The leader of a family has rights to add and banish a member of the family. The family will receive high power credits, fast-complete vouchers, coins and other useful tools with the sign-in of 30 members or above. If the chief of a family tops up, all members of the family will receive 5% rubies. One person tops up; all members enjoy benefits!

▲The member who signs in every day will receive power credits, fast-complete vouchers and coins.

Music Wave by “PLAN-S”! Top music brand and hot songs are coming soon.
“PLAN-S” invites gamers to see the stars on multiple screens on August 12 and to SHOW your dance to the world.

“PLAN-S” has the theme song and music officially authorized by the Korean company which creates “Audition Online”. In Taiwan, HK and Macau of the first wave, “PLAN-S” cooperates with local top music brands, such as HIM, Linfair Records, Eagle Music to produce popular Chinese songs. Gamers can listen to the songs sung by superstars so that the gamers in Taiwan can dance with familiar songs. Besides, the gamers who play “STAR,” the exclusive dance music of “PLAN-S”, for 300 times or above before August 15 will receive a “gem box”. The more you play the song, the more gem boxes you may receive.

“PLAN-S” together with Coture invites people in Taiwan to enjoy multi-screen entertainment and show their pride of being our player. We welcome all mobile users to join “Let’s Go to the Coture Party” on August 12. Many internet celebrities and artists will attend the party. The winner of Best New Artist of Golden Melody Awards, Miss Ko and “Malaysian genius”, Namewee, have brilliant performance. Gamers not only listen to artists singing up close but also see the stars face-to-face. In the party, there is “1000 Rubies Lucky Draw”. Gamers who downloads the game and plays at the scene could have one chance to draw lots.

“PLAN-S” was officially now available in iOS and Android markets and we offer many bonuses to celebrate its launch. There will be a couple dance contest. The couple with the highest scores will receive the most-up-to-date fashion so that they can create special and personal style. For more information about the game and activities, please visit the official website or follow us on “PLAN-S” Facebook.

▲The link to download “PLAN-S” on both platforms

※“PLAN-S” Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/TWAMPLANS/
※“PLAN-S” website: http://tw.beanfun.com/AM/
※“PLAN-S” Superstar website: https://www.facebook.com/2016PLAN.S

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