Gamanians’ New Life Co-creation of Diverse Workplace

Working is a part of life and new living ideas and atmosphere gradually emerge. Our diverse working cultures can be seen from the workplace. Every unit shows their creativity. For example, the space design in Brand Center and Ciirco correspond to their working mode, becoming a new office space.

▲Idea Kitchen in Brand Center

Visitors may be surprised by every corner in the Brand Center on the first floor. In the picnic sofa in the middle walkway, colleagues can discuss freely. When walking into the literary Idea Kitchen, colleagues can relax to relieve the stress from hard work so that they can come up with great imagination and creativity. Our guests are amazed by Gamania’s creative space!

Ciirco is the combination of relaxing and working space. Michelle, the COO, shares how to improve working efficiency, mentioning the idea of “Pomodoro Technique” (Note 1): “Set a 25-minute tomato alarm, focus on one thing in 25 minutes without disturbance and then take a rest for 5 minutes. Repeat the cycle 4 times,” she said. Michelle emphasizes that the 5-minute rest is important. The relaxing area should be scattered around. It may be not far away from the office desk, but it generates a relaxing atmosphere so that colleagues can keep themselves from working stuff and take a rest in 5 minutes, leading to higher efficiency.

Highly Flexible Application Flexible Use of Space

Ciirco offers one-stop service from R&D, design and operation. The program designers need to focus on their jobs wholeheartedly. Marketing personnel often need to communicate and discuss and designers need to find inspiration from the environment. The three professionals have distinctly different working requirements, and expect that the working environment suit their needs respectively. Therefore, Michelle gives the direction-“Flexible”. She intends to create a flexible space to allow colleagues to work diligently without interfering each other and exchange their ideas easily as well.

▲Ciirco offers the soft space for relaxing and meeting.

Human’s behavior will be influenced by the environment; however, we also can create the space. A new working culture catches on and the harmonious “creative ecology” has come. Gamanians will keep up with the trend, create and live together and gather our energy to create a new total-eco network!

Note 1: Pomodoro Technique was proposed by Francesco Cirillo in 1980s.

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