Happy Moon Festival Pomelo Time. The moonlight in the Mid-autumn Festival shines with the candle light.

▲Gama Buddy with Cute Pomelo Hat in Moon Festival

On Moon Festival, people get together to appreciate the moon, eat BBQ, enjoy a pomelo and wear pomelo hats. The pomelo is the Moon Festival fruit. I remember that I used to put on a pomelo skin as a hat and enjoy the festival with family. Gama Buddy puts on a pomelo hat and wears the pomelo costume in Moon Festival to show a lively outlook. With the pomelo candle of The Chen Studio, people get together to have a GOOD TIME!

Faint candle light has bright power

Gama Buddy carries small pomelo candle and invites everyone to appreciate the moon. On Moon Festival, the full moon comes and candle light shines with the moon. It seems like a lantern lighting the way to go.

 ▲Gama Buddy carries a pomelo candle and appreciates the moon together to lead the way of progress.

The Chen Studio presents pomelo candles to light up the reunion moment

Gamania cooperates with The Chen Studio, which builds a great brand and has good design, to present small pomelo candles this year. The moonlight in the sky shines with the candlelight in the earth. People can smell pomelo fragrance and enjoy beautiful night to have different experience. We promise each other to appreciate moonlight together next year.

▲The Chen Studio’s Pomelo Candle Accompany You in Moon Festival 

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