2016 GAMA XMAS TREE STAR Beacon of hope-Twinkle Gama

▲ On Christmas Eve, Gama Buddy will transform himself into a snowman (Snow Gama) to celebrate Christmas with everyone.

On a cold winter night amidst the gleaming white snow, gifts are exchanged against the backdrop of a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, reindeer, and snowmen. Everyone shares joy and pleasure during the final season of the year. Gama Buddy quietly turns into a snowman (Snow Gama), leading his best Christmas buddy, the reindeer, and holding a sparkling star. In tune with the ringing of the bells, they present the Christmas overture and have a good time with everyone.

We present shining Christmas stars as a blessing and embrace warmth with you!

According to traditional Christmas lore, the star on top of the Christmas tree symbolizes hope. This year, Gamania presents the star of hope. The bells are ringing, spreading joy and limitless hope. We share our blessings, turning into the most brilliant star on top of the tree.

▲ Snow Gama holds a sparkling Christmas star bringing hope and welcoming 2017.

Shiny Christmas balls embellish our joyful and peaceful Christmas time.

For the Christmas season, we present decorative Christmas balls matching the five-pointed Christmas stars designed in cooperation with the Chen Studio to accentuate the Christmassy atmosphere. The Christmas overture is played in tune with the ringing bells in the hope of a more brilliant and glamorous new year.

▲ The snowflake-covered Christmas balls released by the Chen Studio will embellish your Christmas Eve.

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