JSTaiwan founded by Jollywiz Digital Tech. Co. presents an all-new Taiwanese teatime set: Delicate rice snack-rice nougat and arouses a sensation.

▲Say good-bye to summer and welcome Autumn. Cool breeze brings the aroma of delicacies. Time stops when the just-baked caramel snack comes out from the stove. We remember the wonderful afternoon with taste buds.

JSTaiwan makes different rice snack!

“J” also means “goodness and happiness”.【 JSTaiwan】 continue to create new delicacies with whole-hearted effort and Taiwan local ingredients. We also work with Taiwan artisans to present creative local specialties, such as “black pineapple cake”, “pulp nougat”, “rice nougat” and many delicate Taiwanese teatime snacks. JSTaiwan expects more people to know the natural delicious food, made of local ingredients. In JSTaiwan, you always find good food and good stuff to make you lucky and fortunate!

Take a bite of the square cookie to enjoy the aroma of natural greens and brown rice. The crispy cookie perfectly matches with soft milky nougat, leak and rice. The tasty snack is a new option for teatime.

There are four elements in rice nougat-“fresh leak, aromatic rice, thick sugar and crispy cookie”:
【Fresh leak】San Xing Leak-Enhance the aroma of natural ingredients and leave fresh aroma in the mouth
【Aromatic rice】 Wu Jie Brown Rice-Contain rich fibers and nutrients to make nougat healthier and crispier
【Crispy Cookie】 Square Cookie-Enjoy 54-layers of cookie in one bite and taste the crispy of each layer. Each cookie has 27 layers. It is the gold law.
【Thick Sugar】 Nougat- Tasty but not sticky. Aromatic and sweet taste together with milky smell will haunt your mind.

Dainty is what we pursue. More than 5000 boxes of nougat have been sold within 1 month and they won great response from customers. The leader of a group buying, Candy, said, “I just want to give it a try. Once unpacking it, I smell light leak aroma and after I give it a bite, the crispy cookie surprises me. The soft, not sugary and sticky fillings with light leak aroma produce marvelous mouthfeel! But you know it’s tasty!” Since the product is widely welcomed, JSTaiwan intends to continue innovation and R&D and presents the new package of rice nougat. Coming soon!

For purchasing our products, please visit http://goo.gl/sZKeU2

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