Yang Hua: Build Your World with News

To See is to Believe

See People In the Eyes Find News with Eyes. Yang Hua is a die-hard on-the-spot interview supporter. He said “the first casualty of war is truth”. Even rushing to the frontline, you still don’t know the cause of conflicts. Therefore, how can journalists give up their dreams and stop stepping forward to the truth?

In the D-Day, almost no war correspondents catch the historic moment. The only picture is very vague for some reasons. It is so vague that you will be flunked if turning homework with the picture. Yet, it is not homework. It’s history. It freezes the humanity of the moment for us. See with your eyes and see the eyes in the picture to find out more.

How close are you to the scene?

A war correspondent said, “If your photos are not good enough, it is because you are not close enough.” It shows TVBS’s ambition. Early last year, two TVBS war correspondents went the battlefield of Syria from Jordan and Turkey to record the internal war and the conflicts with Kurd. They produced a series-“Humanism and Justice: At the Frontline in Middle East”. We can see Syria, which has been devastated by war and dislocated refugees who travel to different countries to find shelters. Refugees  not only t need to live with the pain of traveling far away from home and losing family members but also face discrimination. You won’t know if you are not there. It’s difficult for public to enter Syria so TVBS correspondents go to Syria to bring you the closest news.

Why should they go? Because we want to report different events around the world and want you to know that the world is changing every day. Our comfortable life may be built on other’s inconvenience or even pain. Only when you get closer to the scene, can you bring the news to make the world known. Besides, correspondents intend to find hope on the scene and children’s smile is the most priceless gift.

Unreasonableness is reasonable

The reasonable behavior is to stay away from the battlefield in common sense. However, when others retreat, war correspondents must move to the frontline. The unreasonable behavior is reasonable for a qualified war correspondent. I strong suggest “Unreasonable Behaviour”. In war correspondents’ unreasonable lives, they leave their human life, families or lives behind to pursue the calling of humanity and must record the important moments.

Where is your battlefield?

War battlefield is not the only battleground. In the world nowadays, the environment, climate, education, culture and poverty can be battlegrounds. Yang Hua strongly encourages everyone to visit the place. Even if you are not passionate enough to be war correspondents, you can go there with the help of NGOs. Your worldview will be overturned. Go to the cruel “battlefield” to reconstruct your international outlook. During the course, you may consider many things. For example, what is your subjective perspective in your international outlook?

Your voice will be heard only through being there

Finally, Yang Hua expresses that he want the world to notice Taiwan also reports war news through his professional journalism and momentum of Taiwanese. Even CNN and Reuters journalists turned their heads to ask for the picture because he is the only one who catches the moment. Who is he? He is Yang Hua, a Taiwan war correspondent. He makes Taiwan be seen in the world.

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