The Living Simulation Builder Mobile Game “Komori Life”‘s Official Website Goes Online! First Look at the Game’s Four Main Features

The official website of “Komori Life” is officially online on December 17. The living simulation builder mobile game is distributed by GungHo Gamania of the Gamania Group, developed by Shanghai Ruiluo Online, and released by Shanda Games. The game’s promo video was debuted and the game’s four main features were officially announced for the first time, including “Japanese style refined graphics”, “hand-made cuisine simulations”, “surrounding cutesy kittens”, and “light group chats”. Plus, “Komori Life” pre-registration details were announced to officially start at noon at 12 o’clock on January 3, 2020. Players in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau are welcome to go to the official website and beanfun! to sign up!

※”Komori Life”‘s promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hpzzOktyX0&feature=youtu.be
※ “Komori Life”‘s official website: http://www.gungho-gamania.com/komorilife/index.aspx

▲ The living simulation builder mobile game “Komori Life”‘s official website goes online on 12/17

“Komori Life” is a game with three main specialities – management builder, light RPG, and a social network. Its official website has just announced the game’s four main features. First,  the “Japanese style refined graphics”: the gamers can enjoy the simulation effects of the light and shadow in the game, the Japanese style graphics, and the experience of being immersed in world of Japanese anime film styles. Second, the “hand-made cuisine simulations”: gamers can replenish their energy with various dishes they have made with the ingredients they have gathered in the game, experiencing the joys of cooking. Third, is the “surrounding cutesy kittens”: there are various types of cats which gamers are free to adopt for experiencing the joy of leeping a pet besides making friends in the game. Four, the “light group chats”: the gamer can meet all kinds of characters for making friends through chats and triggering missions.

▲ “Komori Life” players can replenish their energy with various dishes they have made with the ingredients they have gathered, experiencing the joys of cooking

The officials have announced that the pre-registration for “Komori Life” will start at 12 PM noon time on January 3, 2020, on the official website and beanfun! Gamers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau are welcome to follow up on the latest updates on the official website and Facebook page. Let’s get ready for enjoying the beautiful and therapeutic world of Komori!

▲ Pre-registration for “Komori Life” will start on January 3, 2020, on the official website and beanfun!

※ “Komori Life”‘s official website: http://www.gungho-gamania.com/komorilife/index.aspx
※ “Komori Life” official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/komorilife2019/

About GungHo Gamania
GungHo Gamania is a joint-venture mobile game releasing company between Japan gaming mogul GungHo and Taiwan Gamania. The company’s name combines its two parent companies’ names GungHo and Gamania to become “GungHo Gamania”.
The creativity and passion of both the original companies, as well as their collaborative spirit, has inspired GungHo Gamania to work with various partners in the gaming industry. Together they release an ever-increasing number of excellent masterpieces for composing a new history for the gaming industry.

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