From “Love to Play” to “Dare to Challenge”

Gamania is now 20 years old! For a born adventurer like Gamania, it has been a long road with many ups and downs. Like a child who won’t take no for an answer, Gamania has challenged the market, come what may. For Gamanians, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune are nutrients for growth. The more impossible a challenge is, the more we find it worth the try! Just like how our perspectives change through the course of life, Gamania at the age of 20 is now a mature adult. We are continuing to forge ahead with the same spirit of daring and playfulness. We have also made adjustments and re-invented ourselves for a future where we will soon become a national flagship Internet company. 

Where it All Begins for Gamania: Love to Play

Gamanians have always prided themselves on “Love to Play”. In the market, we are bold innovators who always open up new frontiers with unexpected strategies; within Gamania, the active clubs and events exemplify the Gamanian spirit of giving everything their 100% and enjoying life to the full. The spirit of “Love to Play” is not just about having fun. It symbolizes the Gamanian vitality, which in turn, translates into curiosity, ambition and boundless energy in work and life. It is the starting point for everything. 

Eyes Set on the Future: Dare to Challenge 

The 20th anniversary represents a new turning point. Gamania examined its DNA and decided to make “Dare to Challenge” the new core of the brand. We retain our passion for exploring the world and pride in the Gamanian life philosophy. The coming of a new generation, however, means Gamania must pick up the challenge in a bolder, more forceful manner. From now on, Gamania will not just cultivate the digital entertainment business it knows so well. It will also extend its reach into the vastness of digital living and create a vision for a better life. From “Have a good GAME!”, we will now go for “Have a GOOD TIME!” “Dare to Challenge” is our declaration of war and a promise to ourselves that we will always be ready to face and take up new challenges, and never stop trying to create a better tomorrow! 

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